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Exalted 1 world chat not working


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I'm literally laughing atm...

They know it should be 30 for our territory, they know is bugged, but they have sent your to do 120 shouts instead of actually providing what they are supposed to - support and assistance. They could've just finished that quest for you, but it's very likely their console tools are lacking this feature..... until then xD

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  • L2 Team

We've received a fix for this issue to adjust the number to the intended 30 shouts, however, the earliest it can be applied with a game build update is during the March 7 maintenance. Everyone should wait until we verify in the March 6 maintenance notice that this issue is fixed and retake the quest after the fix has been applied. Unfortunately we're not going to be able to alter the quest criteria to the correct amount and preserve players' current progress, but I'd rather warn you about this now! Apologies for any headaches this causes. :/

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