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  1. You are mistaken, these elven summoners are not using autohunt, they are actually bots - just like in all the years before NCSoft refuses to clean the server of these scumbags no matter how obvious it is that they are botting. You can clearly see that they are bots even before they reach their farmspot, just by observing how they walk with 100% precision on their always same preset waypoint routes.
  2. That wont solve anything. If you eliminate the best place, they will move to the next best. They will keep moving until no adena drops at all in the world.
  3. When porting to Aden, go down the stairs and turn right. There is an NPC letting you into the instanced zone where you can take the quest and enter the dungeon. There are two options, which just like the quests in gludio have wrong info in the NPC dialogue. It says one is for 40-44 and one for 45-49 but you can actually do the first quest also at level 45 (and possibly also still at 46) and I think the second one can not only be done up to 49 but up to 51. You gotta try it out, dont trust NCSoft quest text ^^
  4. There is a section with info about changes to the "PVP/PK penalty rules": Do we have any info what exactly "PVP/PK penalty rules" are? PK penalty rules is pretty straightforward and have always been about penalties to characters with karma and apply only to them, right? So what are "PVP penalty rules"? A character is considered to participate in PVP when he is flagged (purple name), so do "PVP penalty rules" only apply to flagged characters? As an unflagged (white name) character is not considered to be participating in PVP, do these rules affect them at all, meaning can you
  5. Much wrong info. First of all, this is the classic server forum. There is no questline taking you to 85 and you dont speak to anyone for class transfer. There are quests at the following levels after the first one: 25: Abandoned Camp 30:Gorgon Flower Garden 34:Ant Nest 37:Death Pass The quests level 25 and 30 are obtained at Cpt.Bathis who sends you on to Priest Raymond at level 30 who will give the other two quests at 34 and 37. Calling the quets "insignificant" is a bit far fetched as they not only will provide you with a talisman bracelet that you can
  6. They are not lucky. They invest money to pay for all the items they destroyed to get the items you finally end up seeing. You just don't see the failed attempts.
  7. That mission is only for level 76+ so he cannot do it. There is no way for lowlevels to "farm adena" because all spots where that actually works are camped by bots. If you are lucky you can catch a time where they are busy deleveling and some spawns are temporarily free, but that will not last long and they will be back soon always. Better get to 30+ as quick as possible and find a spot that has no elven summoner anywhere near.... PS: You should have gotten a "Warrior Dualsword" already at level 10, which is equivalent to a top D weapon. Did you miss that? Click the "mission"
  8. Your weapon is not a beast. Beast soulshots are used by servitors, not weapons. They probably should have just named them servitor soulshots.
  9. Hahaha I imagine the mailbox after server up. "I'm brian. I'm brian. No, I am brian!. I'm Brian and so's my wife!" ^^
  10. Yes and i believe it happened around the same time yesterday too. I was in a a party of 9, 5 of them froze/disconnected. Now the launcher hangs or says "Failed to login". Worldchat had someone ask for a res because half his client disconnected. And this was on classic, so I suspect some internet trouble, as it affected not just a single server.
  11. Live server is Lineage2 minus levels 1-85, minus all quest, minus almost all the content you loved. Cant say much about the highend levels as I stopped the madness. Classic server is Lineage2 minus level 1-20, minus all quests, minus most of the content you loved but PLUS elven summoner farmbots in every single lowlevel mob spawn only interrupted by them automatically porting to get rebuffed and automatically go back to one of the 24/7 camped faming spots. Oh and - as they removed equipment grades, any higher level mobspawn that does not have a farmbot is likely to have a party botte
  12. Is there even still any reason to make multiple characters on one account instead of just creating a new account for every single character you want to play/level? Which items are actually accountbound and NOT either just tradable or characterbound? It seems pointless to level multiple chars on one account. -Clan membership is per character and not account -Event benefits often are once per account and not once per character -You cannot login two characters from the same account although you are allowed to run 2-3 clients at once -This also means you can never party an
  13. So since yesterday, when I come across one of the MANY mobspawns inhabited by one of the MANY bots in the game (hello elven summoners) and I hold down the pickup key, it happened 5 times by now that my screen faded out for a second and then faded in again, like the game resetting something. After this happens, I can not do anything in the game anymore, every action I take results in me fading out and fading in again. I cant throw anything away, crystallize something, trade, and it gives weird and nonsensical error messages. Like when I try to discard bone arrows, even when trying to discard ON
  14. Rangur

    Ress 100%

    Is that meant to be a question or a statement? Also, this is the live server forum and all healers are aeore who have blessed resurrection skill, while the old pre-awakened class skills are not even available anymore. Was this supposed to go into a l2 classic forum?
  15. Is this in the right forum? Did something happen to mats in classic too? I only started classic recently and mats seem completely normal oldschool. Should I stop collecting them?
  16. Why would you need a gaming pc with 16 gig - it is limited to 3 clients anyway. I can use three at the same time on a 10 year old Core2Duo 8500 with 4 GB ram. Are you saying you are running 7 clients on one PC? That shouldn't work. Normally. Right? And yes, the event farmers you describe are botting scum just like those "players" who use a bot to permanently cruise abandoned camp with their speed improvement transforms picking up only the lucrative items (d grade, enchants, crafting pouches) and leaving everything else on the floor. Although the client will not let you target
  17. I thought that was already fixed? Just a few days ago I read a discussion about this topic and it ended with NCWest having asked to have a setting implemented to prevent unwanted targeting of hostile players, which NCSoft actually did implement (the "Set next target" option that lets you choose between only mobs or also including hostile players). Did that not fix it? When they actually made that change it showed that they were actually trying to prevent it from happening, so if this still happens that should mean that they maybe should improve on their solution. (Sorry if my info is very
  18. So I googled and searched and found several discussions, most of them ending with fighting over if red chars can drop anything or not, and if items are actually "destroyed" or not. There were various statements regarding PK count (4 and higher, higher than 4, 10 and higher?) and about things not having been implemented as they were announced. Does anyone know a reliable detailed description of how it actually is now? The reason I ask is not because I want to mass-pk without losing items, but because I have various items on old chars that are either bound (and NCSoft removed the
  19. I have a suspicion that it is connected to an ancient Paulina Set that you used to get long ago at low level, which was time-limited but definitely not R-grade. I actually got one more reply by a head GM finally mentioning that I got a "previous version" of the paulina set. At the same time telling me if I answer to the ticket again I may be ignored.... I am definitely not giving them money for this. My chars received a lowlevel set many years ago. NCSoft made sure that everything from back then is cmpletely pointless, it even tells me when reading the tooltip of some of my treasur
  20. I tried that yesterday. My request was refused and they said all of my characters already received the 90-day version of the Paulina R-grade set, which is complete nonsense. The characters I asked them about were between 40 and 85, with the one char that was level 85 not yet having been awakened back then (it was a warcryer and I loved the drain so much that I held off awakening him so I could keep the drain a bit longer haha). Back then there was no paulina set. You did not get R-grade before level 85, and especially not at level 40 like todays madness!! Yet I was told my cha
  21. One would assume that a GM getting a request from a character with just a few days playtime to have his +20 R110 weapon restored that he could never have earned in any legit way would raise some eyebrow and make them respond "Sorry, we wont restore that". It actually doesn't? Geez it's hard to believe they let a good system be abused by exploits like that I mean, they explicitly put this into their policy: They should teach those people a lesson on how not to abuse systems and just deny requests like they say that reserve the right to....
  22. Thanks both. It's very confusing and tiresome to try to understand the current way things work. Almost all info I find is outdated, there is no real collection of patchnotes that you could go through to find out what happened, and I cant find any site with extensive coverage of fact like there used to be many years ago. The "archive" in even this forum stops just a couple of years ago (2 or 3?). I am googling a lot but really, if you find something you never know if that info is still correct or if it changed years ago. For example I loved spoiling with my scavenger. Back when
  23. Yes they are annoying and obvious with their waypoint pathing system running back to their botting spot after getting rebuffed by buffbots every 20minutes all day every day.
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