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  1. U are so funny, u totally destroyed the game for the 99,99% of the players population, and u are asking for a constructive opinion ... are u kidding us? theres not a single post or opinion in all the forums from no one, saying good job NCWEST; but that´s not new, all the last updates from long time are based on nerf´s, nerf on drops, nerf on adenas, nerf on anything that means the chance to be able to make game playable without investing real money on your ncstore; and now the new great idea u got is to nerfed the amount of mobs of many places ... really?????? i´m really curious who was the re
  2. GZZZ NCWEST u finally destroyed a great game ... all updates after awakening, made this game worst, worst and worst, but after this update, u finally done it, game is unplayable, theres almost nothing to do for a 110 toon with mid equipment ... thanks for finally made me take the decision to stop playing that not fun at all game ...
  3. I also didn´t had any compensation for loosing +1 lvl in 5 of my toons, cause u made server go down twice and i went to bed disapointed about loosing the work i did in last months, ... this is not fair, u made an error an only gave compensation to some players, not to everybody that had the bad moments to see how all his work and money invest, was for nothing. Again a not fair solution for your bad work .... I want a compensation, give me GM buff to all the toons u deleveled!
  4. Exactly the same ... really cannot understand this new system 300 1st buyers
  5. Same happened to me, that really sucks; i was waiting almost 8hras to get the coins ... nobody is happy with that new system 300 1st players.
  6. Fully agree!, i was an idiot, i purchased 400ncoins at 10:00 am gmt +1, and i recieve the coins 8 hras after the purchase, so i cannot buy the pack .... NCWEST U ARE SCAMING ME!!!!!!!!
  7. Totally true, i already canceled my subscription cause with normal server settings is simply useless ...
  8. Honestly it doesm´t worth to have prestige rune for make some adena with that drop/adena rates ... i´m gonna delete my subscription, its a waste of money if i cannot get any decent compensation in game for paying ...
  9. I have same feeling everyday; on past just with a +3 set, i was able to participate in all siegues, fight for the control of epics, pvp almost everyday in open fields, 5 times 2nd in olys and really fun combats; and a lot more really fun things ... now as i said everyday i´m thinking why the hells i´m loosing my time everyday here ... i feel pathetic with myself ...
  10. Yeah!! they are really pro spending real money and being scamed ... also they should had unique clicking skills to open so many boxes ... to after this go to abuse pking people to steal hunting spots ... human being is sooooo pathetic ... i miss the game where i can win at the olys, and made highest lvl pvp just with a +3 set ... now that´s a game for kids with money that think they are pro ... ... Mixa for president jajajajajaja
  11. It´s so useless action, just run a 2nd, 3rd ... pc´s and u will log as many accounts u want ... just again making a benefict to people with more resources and not solving any problem.
  12. I´m not sure if i understand u at all (my english not so good), but im trying to kill all mobs at same time or close, and dont let any alive at each wave ... i already did 2 x 78 so seems it works; ty so much Mixa apreciate your help alone
  13. Tis is not a QQ post! What im saying is that event description is false " Players can earn between 15-65 Lucien’s Marks per entry with the amount determined based on how many rounds are cleared in time before the boss monster spawns"; i dont want to start a discusion about what classes or players can or cannot do it; i´m just looking for moderator to say why the information given to the players in the event discusion is false, so thats confusing people and not alloving to do the instance properly; if i get the right info i can change the way to do the instance, thats all i want to know. Th
  14. What u mean that is the number of shots u do instead the time? should i reagroup all mobs to do less hits? If i do 16/21 vawes and less than 23 mins i think that means im doing it fast enough ... i didnt noticed diference in the time i do it ... maybe u are right and its the number of hits? Anyway that is not the instance descripition
  15. I´ve a problem with this instance, as long im not getting max number of luciens marks as i should get. I already complete 16 rounds before 1st boss monster appear and only got 24 of 30 marks (i had 20% marks drop rune), other times i do only 15 or 14 and i get the max number of them (30/48). I read the event description: "Defeating each boss monster will award items and Lucien’s Marks. Players can earn between 15-65 Lucien’s Marks per entry with the amount determined based on how many rounds are cleared in time before the boss monster spawns. Lucien’s Marks are not tradable." And i cannot u
  16. NIce video, u already showed all of us 2 things a sahya fully geared can easily solo gc lower, and that u are a terrible player .... thanks for whatever u wanted to show us ...
  17. Shadow mother tree (EV) gives Matck GoS gives Mcrit Dmg Both +3% at lvl 10
  18. Fully agree, as long as GM are not investigating properly the tickets they are SCAMING THE PEOPLE, cause its the GM´s who steal the object from the owner ... again, and again NCSOFT just filling their pockets and doing a pathetic job, wich atm means they are really stealling us ... is not enough to steal our money with NCCOINS that now u do it right directly from our inventory??????? .... cause thats what really is happening ....
  19. My tip is easy to understand ... and dont worry i´m not jealous about your stuff ... but imo what u need is learn to play better instead of worries about if u have or not an item or if your setup is perfect. I said that cause lately im seeing tons of NOOBS feohs around who doesnt even know to read to check if one skill is single or aoe dmg ... i´ve made instances like altar or aoe spots like AF, with any nuker using just elemental spike all time (single atack, with less power of all feoh atacks), i have lowest gear than u, but many strong people in that server apreciate my dmg and my playabili
  20. Pm or mail Harryelsuso in game with offer pls, im interested in +12 2 or 3 SA or +13 2SA. Sigel (better) or Feoh. Thanks
  21. U NCSOFT lost the common sense and start becoming fcking crazy .... 2560 ncoins for 20 scrolls????? thats more than 40€ .... for what?, past event i tried 10 scrolls and i was able to made a +2 cloack, what u supose that im gonna spend more than 40€ to increase it to +4 ... that if not going back to 0 again ... well im not as much retard as u are trying to make me feel ...
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