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log in problem???

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3 minutes ago, Aurinya said:


Thank you for your reports. There is a network interruption we are investigating. Please bear with us while we are working to resolve the issue. 


yea mate, thank you for your effort, look the pinned threads, you have like 3 of them talking about conection/login issues since mora than 2 weeks ago, (and dont want to talk about bots/adena sellers) but do you really have people working on it? or are you trolling us? you remember the last wednesday maintenance? supossed to be 9 hours just to "migrate the servers", it took about 12 hours, and 4 days later, the same problem comes. Dont troll us please. This is AN OFFICIAL SERVER.

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Are you serious? Is it monkeys working in ncsoft's offices ? HOW can you be so bad at everything that has to do with Lineage 2?

Wrong decisions from the get go, and not being able to run a server for a game u created 15+ years ago.

it's not like its the first time with login problems... 

'We have sent the request to our dev team' who are they ? imaginary people ? are they trees? stones maybe? naaah they would get more done than your dev team.

This is incredible. 

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