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Love Box Test 1k or 250b! and dragon wep?


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1 hour ago, Lunastariel said:

All I see is $$$ flying away ~^^~ That was painful to watch...

I perfectly agree with you… people can do everything them want with their money… but waste a lot of $$$ for buy pixels, when there are a lot of people that can not reach the end of month…. I think is a shame.

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But I think the main point of the test video also proves the myth that players are saying after maintenance, there is very high chances of enchant success and getting top rewards from event boxes. I guess not. Someone open just 5 boxes and get dragon weapon on a weekend night. I opened first 15 boxes bought from player shop and got akamanah retributer, after that I open 250 boxes and didn't get any great rewards at all, overall lost about 10b adena not counting profit from akamanah retributer.

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