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  1. @Juji @Hime Is PK system live? How did you fail to remove pk counts?
  2. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    yeah last couple days has been real bad for me disconnecting
  3. Incoming PK System

    @Juji @Hime PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider clearing PK counts if you're going to force us to go back to a item drop PK system. You guys changed it, people no longer cared about PK counts but now if counts matter we need to be able to reset them. It needs to be easy to reset the TOTAL count. Don't sell us a 5 count scroll. I have hundreds, others will have 1000s of counts to clear.
  4. Max Upgrade on Homunkulus pet

    How they FFFF you get two top grades??? ALL I GET IS LOW GRADE M ATK for my archer. Like 4 in a row now. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!!!
  5. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    here is why you have so many... Complete Event, Nerfed once again. <-- click there xD! Event is from korean servers. drops are based on the default drops but NCwest nerfed the full event so we are not able to purchase other items with the coins.
  6. 16th Anniversary Coins once again

    here is why you have so many... Complete Event, Nerfed once again. <-- click there xD! Event is from korean servers. drops are based on the default drops but NCwest nerfed the full event so we are not able to purchase other items with the coins.
  7. Wow!!! Korean servers got all kinds of stuff for 16th anniversary. I guess i'm wrong for expecting anything different after the way things have gone. For example: They have given us horrible server lag for over a year They have given us reduced mobs to "help latency" with no plans to replace them They have given us login ques to "help latency" with over capacity Adena drops nerfed while expenses to farm increased (for example: soul ore) They have given us a nerfered version of the 16th anniversary They sell circlets as an event before they are released in game The sell dragon shirts as an event before they are released in game They sell agathions as event before a slightly different version is released in game They took away fishing events i could keep going but you get the point.
  8. Several timed hunting zones will be optimized to reduce the latency delay issue. @Juji @Hime WHAT DOES "OPTIMIZED" MEAN? Why does instance need optimizing when 1/2 the map is not playable for most toons. Why not "OPTIMIZE" all the locations under 103??? This should free up space for the instances and you can add back the mobs you took away for the last "OPTIMIZATION". I bet if I make this post super annoying, I'll get a response with a deletion but no actual answer because this same question has been ask 10 times already.
  9. Yup. Same issue here. cannot keep toons logged in. Fishing DC, farming DC, Shop DC.
  10. 312 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Freaking 221 people in que to login. This is getting out of hand guys. YOU"VE HAD A FREAKING YEAR!!! You keep pushing out updates and you keep throwing "events" at us wanting money without fixing the problem. FIX THE FREAKING SERVER!
  12. as title says... @Juji @Hime with this que in place do we only have 1 hr? what happened to angel cat staying until the 29th?
  13. well the que went away pretty fast so i guess its not really a problem
  14. Its freaking amazing that with all the money you guys take from us for "events" you cannot afford a test server to make sure things work as intended before launching. It is sad that you guys expect us to continue to deal with these failures. From the time you announced the update till today, one person could have locally tested files on a private pc and found the issues we have now and fixed them before going live. This is what a company would do if you really cared about the work you do and the people you serve. It is what you should have done if you cared about us and our support for you.
  15. Red libra weapon exchange should be part of everyday game life. The economy is shrinking. People want weapons and cannot get them. What would it matter to you NC Soft if this was an option for us?
  16. cant bloody or dark equipment?

    only way is to buy from players right now. I'm on Chronos and I see it in giran and in aden
  17. yeah but someone else bought with real cash
  18. Daily Coins

    are clan rep points transferable? I have a ton saved up on a couple toons that are not able to spend yet because they are not in a level 8 clan. If I leave the clan, can I spend them in another clan?
  19. @Juji @Hime @anyone that will read this Its really sad to see all of these people experiencing the same issue, feeling the same way and getting nothing from the GM's/developers/community managers. Its clear that a ton of us love the game and want to continue loving it but hate the way its being managed and hate the way we are not being supported. Please see how bad you are managing these situations and correct it! We are here to support you, you need to be here to support us. Does that not make sense to yall? NCSOFT, please support your community!!
  20. The Denign NPC now allows us to add special abilities to jewelry. I see the SA for the Baium ring can be changed but there is no option to add the SA. How do you add the SA for a Biaum ring?
  21. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    ok so there it is
  22. Huge lag

    @Juji toon its twice and stops.... hits twice and stops.... its twice and stops.... 1500 attack speed and stops....
  23. WTH!! What a joke! prices doubled! so what the rewards have changed. the level of items in game has changed but that doesn't mean your "event" has to double in price. Just like the jacked up jewels, I will not support you NCsoft for this event.
  24. Past 7 days, no disconnects

    I'm glad you are having good luck staying logged in. I keep getting disconnects on 1 or 2 clients on each PC. My giran/aden store is always DC within 1 or 2 hours. Some days better than others but I still have issues.
  25. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    @Juji "If your subscription expires during...." So basically if I had a subscription that started on OCT 1 and ended 11/1, I'm covered in this criteria?