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If you can get a mage in party for Snare, maestro with spear and golem spirit will obliterate the mobs. The golem spirit will cut hp like butter. And you can solo IT with exalted gear. Tell me, any other class can do that? Maestro is perfect if you do not plan on spending 10k euros in l2store, you barely even need a weapon.

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On 8/23/2020 at 9:50 AM, Rodah said:

Equal gear Maestro is probably stronger than a Yul in PvE (and maybe PvP).  Technically this applies to all Tyrrs in the current patch.  People won't believe this because there aren't any stacked Maestro's and only a handful of stacked Tyrrs.  

Can a 500b Archer full solo IT?  Maybe but I promise I am faster. 

Also, switch to Skill Crit Build; there is nothing better than one-shoting a mob with Jump Attack!  That is why I said re-read Spirit and our Masteries.  We have the 2nd highest P.Skill Crit Rate of any Tyrr.

EDIT:  Who cares if the 30% Proc was slightly nerfed.  I still do Castilla 115 and I AOE IoP!!

Hi Rodah

May I check which Tyrr got the highest P.skill Crit Rates?

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On 3/24/2021 at 9:51 AM, Rodah said:

Maestro actually has the highest P.Skill Crit Rate because of 1H Blunt Mastery (+30%).

kkk, thx

BTW, can I ask the effect of spirit of golem and force of golem?

I switched 1 of my box to Maestro during red libra. Reading the effect from spirit of golems, it looks very strong. but in game, I didnt feel that powerful of the skills (I mean the effect is not like dagger's Half Kill, very obvious) , and the main damage is still from the skills or auto attack. Did i use this skill wrong?

And also for the forc of golem, beside of the skill effect changed from orange to green-blue. There should be a x5 damage when trigger,  but I actually didn't feel any effect.

or did I miss anything from this skill?

Thx for your kindly reply

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Maestro's fine, it's a decent Tyrr and can be played with less real life money. People tend to be weird ... wow titan is the best tyrr nobody play anything else. Sure, Titan with 50 grand of real life money is amazing. Realistically most people will never get to that point.

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What makes us better than other tyrrs is the skill crit rate and the shield. If a tyrr crits in pvp or pve, usually the target dies. So you need to crit as often as possible. And shield works on almost every hit we receive, a lot getting reduced to 1 dmg. This is a very strong feature to have in pvp.

Before you get into gear worth 100b+ per piece, focus on single target melee attacks. Then start stacking skill power, skill crit power and skill crit rate. And ofc attack attribute needs to be priority #1. With skill power gear you can AOE, killing all 11 mobs with 1 skill. 

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