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GM's ruining gameplay?? Pt 2


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It appears this is the preferred method of communication to receive support. So there's plenty to talk about, but lets start with this. I believe you outsource the general ticket system to a 3rd party company if im not mistaken? Or its in house? Either way, if this were L I T E R A L L Y any other business, you would have no business, because the support that is actually provided is bad at best, on a good day, with a lot of luck, and the winds of fate in your corner. Thats a good day. The literal rest of the time you have to resubmit the same ticket over and over before someone actually looks at what you submitted and reads it instead of sending what appears to be a pre-worded response that usually amounts to "sorry, cant help you! thanks for youre $$$ though! :D". Its absurd. Now we have a clan of people who on the regular receive one off treatment that is not furnished to the average player, and when someone else got something they couldnt, took to petitioning and the forums, and lo and behold, you all reverse a decision that was already made. Im not even mad about it, they gamed the system, theyre going to continue to get blown up constantly, lose sieges, dragons, etc. What ever, thats not whats upsetting me. Whats upsetting is I see constantly players making repeated posts on the forums literally B E G G I N G the staff for assistance, which is usually, eventually, with enough complaining, crying, and moaning, given to them.

At the moment im one of those players. W E E K S ago, I submitted a simple ticket for issues regarding the Dimensional Server castles, and the rewards from them. Since then I have had to reopen the ticket repeatedly (some of it, my fault for not responding to the ticket fast enough) but Ive gone back and forth with some of the GMs 5 or 6 times, and they literally don't even bother reading, and gave me a response that was barely related to what im asking. I explained that bugs have happened in receiving the proper rewards from the castle, which I assumed would be as simple as sending a support ticket, and providing an explanation and screen shots to get it fixed, instead I was told "oh sorry, we cant do that". Here we are and apparently you can/will do anything. So I would first like to get some actual support for my issue. Secondly id like some clarification on a full list of common issues that get GM'ed on what will/wont be done. (Take for instance the many, many people that have had untradeable items moved between toons) while others are denied the service. What is the threshold for spending required to get something like that done? If we could just get a chart that would be great. Or is it a certain number of people petitioning the issue that does that trick? 10? 50? 100? What does it take on average to get a solution to a problem? I genuinely dont care that people get this stuff done, more power to them, nothing in this game should be bound to your character in the first place, since you HAVE to spend money on everything to get it in the first place, its crazy. Hell if the shirts were could be traded id have bought one from someone by now instead of waiting endlessly for the shirt event to come back around for 1 year+ to get an item only available in the NCShop for MOST players, unless youre one of the ones that gets it transferred between toons.

My point in saying all of this is that there is no consistency with getting support in the game. I made the terrible mistake of looking at the EU forums where players were submitting questions related to game mechanics, bugs, etc, and actually getting timely responses and videos from the GMs and Community managers explaining things and answering questions. Thats a pipe dream here, in the same game, same company, different market, getting a GM/CM that gets a question from a player, going in game, and making a video to illustrate the mechanic in question. I feel stupid even typing it, because I cant even SEE the original ticket I submitted for my issue anymore, let alone a level of service like that. So again, please help me, and two, can we do something about the support/ticket system, as it shouldnt take a forum post, and 500 petitions to get something done. If this is one of those "its over my head" things, whats the phone number at corporate that we need to start calling to demand change? Who can we email as an L2 community thats high enough in the company? Id make a support ticket about it but I dont want to bother with getting a response of them telling me that they appreciate the positive feedback on how good the support is and will forward my praise to their higher ups. 

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Thats the new ticket I submitted with an in depth explanation of my issue if youd like to review it and assist (hell even explaining to me no go kill yourself infamous heres the game mechanics and heres what the deal is would be better than the stupid responses that I get) , in the meantime, can we get some sort of clarification on a full list of things you guys will and wont do? So it looks like refunding a weapon craft is officially out? what about the items moved that cant be traded (brooch gems, shirts, etc) That people have had moved? Is that a general service? Also again please clarify if all tickets submitted should have a forum post attached with them to get help?

Request #20275593 


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There is no support.

Every time I open a ticket its a different GM name. I belive is a single guy, maybe the same that voted "I dont care" in a player pool long ago as "Moderator1", that uses random names every time on all responses.

For every single request they treat it as a "service" and say they dont provide it.

Let me tell you something @Neutron, the support is THE service. And what you should be providing is effort on your side to give the best available support. For the heavy nccoin buyer to the f2p guy, that is a buyer in potential.

Im a 12 year customer that plays on same toon using same email over the 12 years and I cant get a single freaking request, for as simple as it can be, done.

No wonder I do not spend a /100 of what I wanted here anymore just because its not worth it, its expensive and terrible support desincourage me.

I really hope you reiceive the shut down order from Korea soon. You should not be running any kind of service to anyone.

I still dont know why some things in store cost more than a AAA, current year game($60), and why would anyone buy.

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Yes, they are ruining fully with these support because they offer services of recovery of items for one and for others with the SS recover +0
and hey they talk every case is a case, I think they should check out these support as they are each time doing more and more things wrong than right .......

and it looks like I have all logs Screens on that I write.



and I totally agree with nuky

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I play Aion and blade and soul too in NCsoft NA, and the support staff in lineage 2 is the worst of them. 
Weeks ago in the merge freya to naia, in the web site and forums guide said clear 

  • Name disputes can be appealed by contacting support in cases of name sniping by inactive characters. In general name disputes will be addressed by a combination of factors such as creation date, play time, and level.

I sent a ticket asking about my name because was taken, and they only answer they wont do anything because the account is in use. 

i sent a ticket back saying the answer has no sence because the guide say: creation date, playtime and level. 

they said wont do that because the account is active, dosnt matter if the character is level 1............................................ so..... the guide and info is useless because they do whatever they want.


I feel so jealous about the activity of GM Cyan and GM Hime in Aion forums. (same company, u can also go to aion forums and check by urself) they always answer forums, they always answer the PM, they always answer when you tag them on post. here in lineage 2 they dont even care. its sad, but on Aion 6.0 i'll back there again. I'm not spending time and money in a bad service. 

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