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Server transfer`s closed again


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1 hour ago, Hime said:

It will reopen after the maintenance tomorrow. To ensure we don't miss character prepped for transfers, Character Transfers are temporarily closed the day before we process.

You could at least have a warning. something like that to and do on Monday.

I waited today to do it.


very very disappointed.


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I want you to transfer my player now because you did not issue any warnings.... you are unacceptable you did not inform at all about it ....I have already transferred a player on the fourth morning

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" when the product is priceless, you are the product "

Very disappointed. I always make my transfer 1 day before dead line, and now is disable.


No notice, no message, no call in game.


There is no concern for its consumers.

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  • L2 Team

We had an issue with the first week's server transfer schedule and temporarily closed applications by a day early. The deadline for the server transfer application end dates will now be available up until maintenance begins. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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1 hour ago, Juji said:

Tuvimos un problema con el calendario de transferencia del servidor de la primera semana y las aplicaciones cerradas temporalmente un día antes. La fecha límite para las fechas de finalización de la aplicación de transferencia del servidor ahora estará disponible hasta que comience el mantenimiento. ¡Disculpas por los inconvenientes!

i aply transfer 4 days ago, i lost this? and lost my money and ncoins or tomorrow have my transfer char in new server?

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1 hour ago, NiceDwarf said:

I still do not get why someone want to transfer if both servers are equally dead(with that "classic" launch). Might be merged in one in few months. Pff...

It’s about were  you can find cp to play with . Most ppl”s cps moved to classic so they don’t have with who to play . Transfers give a chance to players to find new active cps to play and do there daily activities . Both servers are having activity problems but it’s alwayes easier to find ppl that match you in 2 servers rather than 1 

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