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Is this kind of behaviour normal?


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This guy was basically insulting every single Spanish in his path.

Asked him just to know what happened whilst doing k85 as I am Spanish and was curious, the rest you can check it by yourself.

[edited - removed links with names. Please submit these reports via Support ticket

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Removed names.
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Submit a support ticket. They'll probably tell you they've investigated and "have taken the necessary action" which last time I reported someone for racism was probably nothing at all since he was still at it in world shout the next evening.

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Permanent ban is of course not needed because you are most likely offended by a child, for a start 4-5 days ban of chat is enough
If we give a permanent ban for every rudeness, then we will simply be left without players.

I just want to add that in my opinion the culture of communication on this server is quite decent,  there are servers with more inadequate players

I urge everyone not to offend each other, we ourselves create the atmosphere of this game

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On 31/10/2018 at 10:30 AM, OmenOfSteel said:

Yes, I agree with you.

Send your screenshot to support and report him.

I don't want ppl. like that in our game.

I think there is an auto system for chat ban. If 10 Players /block you , than chat ban is enabled. And since that is a community issue and not a Game Issue GM and stuff should not interference. 

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