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Stupid Event


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Why you flooded the server with those top weapons D ? Some people got more than 2-3 weapon supplies and get rich others cant craft 1 normal shop weapons because spoil sux. Why you broke the game? Please next event with baium/ant queen  rings box supplies

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  that so STUPIDDDDDDDDDDD ......

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Sooner or later they will introduce such kind of rewards from events, just be patient ;)

When some clans lock up the best raids in game and people start to cry about not having a chance to get some epics...then NC West will kindly do them a favor for just like 4, 8, 16 000 NC Coins cost chest to open and gamble for an epic ;) How familiar it sounds...

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31 minutes ago, mixa said:

Amazing, but that's only the beginning.Soon AQ ring will be common thing with some nice "event".Brooch is in tow and Agathions.Stay tuned :)

You're absolutely correct imo.  If anyone thinks that this ins't going to become a full-on pay to win server, they simply don't know NCSoft.   Next up I bet is C grade SS/BSPS in the shop.  Maybe SP scrolls.  Then the brooches, where you can pay $100 to get a CHANCE to get +10 to all stats or something.  It's coming.

It really sucks too, because I bet people like Juji and Hime have all the best intentions, but it's simply out of their hands.  Must be extremely frustrating.  Another wasted opportunity for an actual good game, something that the world seems to be severely lacking right now.  All in the name of selling you something.


Oh well, it will be fun until then, at least.

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7 chars every day, 1 weapon, nothing else worth even vendoring.  Not complaining about those results personally.

I don't think it's that bad, at least not pay to win.

There's always been "events" in L2. but I would rather have seen a participation based event, like pumpkins or enchanting or hunting based or pvp based events.  Those events always affect the economy and that's okay its essentially part of the game as we know it, and also how it use to be.

I remember the raid boss events in C3 or C4 was one of the most fun event, they exploded and everyone could loot because there were so many drops to pick up.

Passive events are just stupid.  It's loot boxes.

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