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  1. Seeing them restore character creation gives hope. Can we get race, gender services next? At least before holidays???
  2. Most people that want a 5 Emerald can't afford it. Most of the people that can afford it probably already have Greater Emeralds. Lesson: something only have value if you have a buyer with enough adena in wallet.
  3. The scroll indicates that it is 100% success rate up to +10. As long as that's the case, the enchant dialogue box is incorrect. Try it and see. If it fails by some oddity, then submit a ticket and have them roll it back to +9 because it clearly states on the enchant scroll 100%.
  4. To hell with you. Stop being such a bleep when people are just trying to offer help.
  5. You probably need to /flushdns on your PC. Google it or go to your operating system's help section for steps. They might even have a video on YouTube how to do that. Good luck.
  6. You probably need to /flushdns on your PC. Google it or go to your operating system's help section for steps. They might even have a video on YouTube how to do that. Good luck.
  7. Will these be tradeable in a future update? Don't understand logic when other more powerful jewels can all be traded. Like Greater jewels. You don't even have to reseal them or anything, just free trade. It's how all jewels should be. Stupid rule.
  8. I went to view a match, but Mysterious Butler indicated that it was not available. Isn't this the right time slot for that? Did I miss a memo stating that COC was going to be taken offline? What gives?
  9. See if it is plausible. Get the Devs on it. As someone mentioned, we already have free exchange for lower grade weapons. Now that R, R95 and R99 are no longer the top grades, it makes sense to add them. I would even get rid of exchange option for weapons below A grade. There really is no point to having those, since new players get a free bound Apoc weapon from starter quests and grade restrictions no longer apply. The other solution would be to have Red Libra merchants visit more frequently -- like one week a month, instead of once a quarter or whatever current schedule is.
  10. Leave the special buffers in town the next holiday weekend. No one will go to sleep anyway.
  11. Do you prefer close quarters or ranged? Do you want to level fast to more quickly get your dual class skills, or slow? Do you prefer being a part of the action or just support? Do you have enough adena to invest in classes like mages that require you to buy entirely different setups from dyes, jewels, cloaks, circlet, armor, weapon, etc., or would you prefer to keep it simple and use most of the same equipment for both your main and dual? Once you answer those questions, you'll have a good idea of what you want to play as your dual.
  12. LOL! No, I meant the Advanced Jewels (30 day) that were given out with the Returning Hero Packs a few months back along with Dragon shirt, boss jewels, etc., not the lower level jewels. In fact, if they want to just give me another Returning Hero Pack that would be awesome.
  13. What can I say, business has been booming. The only reason why I'm able to play now is because I'm on "vacation." And if everyone has level 2 now, all the more reason to refresh me with level 1. I won't complain. lol
  14. Can I get another level 1 Ruby (30 day) as compensation? I've lost pretty much this entire week to these issues. Some "welcome back" it turned out to be.
  15. So there are 80 players ahead of me in queue now. So if I do get in in the next 20 minutes, the server is going to go down for an hour? Dude, you guys are killing me.
  16. Mystikal


    Well said. Adding to that, remember that each level of a soul crystal gives you roughly 1% more than the previous level. So a Kain level 5 gives you 25% more HP, a Kain 6 gives you 26% more HP, etc. This is in addition to the 10% HP bonus that you get from using a Bloody weapon. Also, the other Soul Crystal that gives HP is Pantheon. Not sure what your budget is, but Pantheon usually sells cheaper than Leona (which gives you blended SA, too) and sometimes you can find a higher level Pantheon crystal (level 7 or 8) that sells for much cheaper than Leona and Kain lower level crystals. If yo
  17. The smart move would have been to make these quests only available to those who purchase Prestige subscriptions. In fact, it's time to rework the whole monthly subscription package anyway and give better incentives.
  18. Almost 300 people in queue at 9am PST. Seriously, get the 8 hour buffs ready. I'm never logging out again.
  19. Sadly, that's the solution that usually requires the least amount of brain activity and resources. True in game and real life. But still, it would have been nice if they had replaced all of the GM buff scrolls with Emperor Attack scrolls.
  20. Oh, I totally agree that this is not only expensive, but not feasible. So, yes, they should either have another sale promotion soon, or have GMs running around the server randomly spawning tons of Raid bosses near villages that drop the crystals like pinatas drop candy.
  21. Funny. More time to play/bot does not equate to stronger in my eyes, but whatever.
  22. You get Crystals of Determination by crushing R99 weapons. Not cheap to do it that way, since obviously needs hundreds, sometimes thousand Crystals to upgrade. The whole point was for it to be as difficult as possible to upgrade highly OE weapons. I hear you also get the Crystals at certain raid boss drops, but not sure. I agree that upgrade cost is way to high for US servers. Not only do you need lots of R gems and Determination, but Elcyum, too. The market for Elcyum has jumped to 4-5 times the price that it was a few months ago. Demand is fueling it. Best to wait to upgrade.
  23. Of all of the crap that I have sitting in the Dimensional Merchant, you guys delete the one thing that I do use. Couldn't wait until the next update when everyone gets their own buffs?
  24. So the whole point of the ranking system is to reward 24/7 botters? Got it. And what's this crap about automatically bowing to people at the top of the list?!?? I'm American. I don't automatically bow to anyone. And this isn't the military where you salute superiors. They need to do away with that.
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