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  1. I also had my macro turned off right before i went to bed.... on the other 2 chars it remained on, and no i didnt click anything ^^
  2. you can craft scrolls to bless R99 armor/weapon, just check the dorfs in giran if your on chronos!
  3. ill respond to this aswell My Ghost Hunter is also having this issue since a few updates i shadow chase stab and there is no dmg, sometimes multiple times after another Regards
  4. i find this update to be very bad on top of all the things people listed, VMware is not working anymore after the update Regards
  5. i have payed alot for these recipes to, both of them around 2bil does this mean that after the update there is no more weightless shots crafting anymore? only L2store?
  6. for me it still works as intended, 10% atk speed 10% Cast speed Speed by 10 Hope this helps
  7. yes plz fix it, if it was attended to do this, should have put it in the patch notes! thx you
  8. Where can we read about ALL changes coming? i read about archers change in range but nowhere i read about that change on mage? hope someone can link a full patch note where nothin is left out:P
  9. before the topic derails again like znipo sayed! the FPS is getting real low to a point where there is 1fps 2 fps left and resolving this will require a full restart of the client i have this problem currently in Atelia Refinary where i try to xp its happening on all clients that are there, the once in giran for example remain unaffected! I Hope for a fix! Regards
  10. try a file check/repair in the launcher, see if that helps! good luck
  11. got back to my computers this morning and one of them was completly disconnected and the other computer was unaffected. if this isnt solved soon, im planning to stop wasting my electricity and just wait it out till its solved before trying to play again
  12. Poor people who payed for all their characters and now get kicked in the back, shame on you NCsoft
  13. Mixa wins a price at 2k posts, almost there
  14. im gonna bump this thread because i have also extreme FPS lost after an hour grinding not even on macro plz fix it Friendly Regards
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