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Xincode failed

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Again we cant log in due to Xincode Error?

What we do we wait for angels cat buffs since thats all you can do?

0xE0191009 error occurrences
This error code occurs when XIGNCODE has an issue during the update process. If the problem consists, please contact support@wellbia.com with your xigncode.log file attachment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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How can I solve an error that occurred due to an anti-virus program or firewall?
In case your anti-virus program or firewall limits you from XIGNCODE activation, you may receive an error from XIGNCODE or the game client. If this error occurs, please contact support@wellbia.com with the program/product name, version, screen-shot and any details of how the error happened.
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Yo i have the exact same error, i play talking island since launch and never had an issue before, but since today that error appears to me in loading screen, idk wtf is going on but i need a urgent fix, need to play with my mates.

I already sent a ticket for this, i desactive firewall and antivirus and still the same error in loading screen

@Hime @Juji Please help us we want to play ur game.

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