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Nova wins Aden 4/15/2018


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1 hour ago, meskiukas said:

guys from Nova you took VNDragon to chronos can you take other max members too?

Sincerely freya's clans:)

Nonono thats very hush hush. MS took all of Freya+Naia+Chronos don't you know?

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3 hours ago, Fooz said:


Nice video but were is the Siege ? Btw about this pvp movie the position of the party members is so bad that even in private servers they play much better  ,this healer is playing this game for over 1 year and still haven't learned anything . Keep it up this videos made my day . clearly the healer here wins the wood rank No1 . I will post this video in other forums European Russian so ppl can see how bad players can be .Fumy video indeed  ! @fooz when you will post funny videos of your game play also we want to see how long can you stay carpet mode .

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