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Lineage II - May Preview

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Gm ppl

Mr #Neutron you inform us  what things will be deleted from hero coins rewards , any info about what new will be added? 
i think ppl wants to know in order to spend now or later our hero coins. 

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On 11/05/2018 at 5:49 PM, Neutron said:


We hope you all have enjoyed the Spring Harvest and 14th Anniversary bonus server settings so far. Here’s a quick look at some additional plans we have in store for Lineage II this month.

Brooch Promotion (May 16–June 20)

Brooches and jewels are returning for sale on the L2 Store beginning next Wednesday.

More details for the updates are still to come. Stay tuned!


The Lineage II Team

Thanks for these monthly previews :D it really helps into organizing stuff in game

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On 5/12/2018 at 8:55 AM, Truffle said:

WTS one :D and you know why they are removed :) 

So what's the reason they are being removed ? Are they not available by other means like mentioned in the Etheria Patch notes ?

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16 hours ago, HoundDog said:

Oh, for goodness sake, why all the mystery?  How hard is it to tell us whether you will be adding items to the hero coin list and, if so, what?

I completely agree, this whole mystery thing just adds fuel to speculation and given our poor history together, (between NC and it's customers), this speculation will always be inclined to the negative. 

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I just want to say this,
Its not ncwest fault for all top player like ozzy and exeq make high price, to make a lot top alt for his collection.
if we all stop compare to those players, can can be free for do anything, and ignore the fact they can kill any1 in server, then we can play as we want.

For example, right now 1 ncoin its 2.5m and hero coin its 5m if we calt giant ls, 400 hero coin and i see ls for 1.8b, who decide price in naia its dh, they try trade adena to real money that why we have to high prices, not the ncsoft, they try control prices.

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