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What is Classic to you?


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This forum is filled with people whining that various features were or were not in the original L2 and claiming "Classic" should mean just the original game, without modification.  That is not what Classic means to me and I'd be interested in what it means to you.

To me, Classic means that success or failure is determined by effort and skill (both social and game skills), not by the size of your wallet.  A classic server would be pay-to-play, no L2Store, all items available in the game, with bots and RMT heavily policed and eliminated as far as humanly possible.  Looping macros, drops on death, auto adena pick-up, etc., are mere features, that have nothing to do with whether the game is Classic or not.  You could start a server with the game as it exists now, with 110 levels, many instances, looping macros, powerful items, etc. and make it "classic," by making it truly pay-to-play and eliminating the pay-to-win aspect.  We should be arguing about what features will make the game better, not which ones will make it more "Classic."

What do you think makes a server classic?

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2 minutes ago, TrOLLw said:

Open sand box of player driven content. .

Open geography, open raids with no channels, no instances and very little intervention.

Good bonds, great friends and even better enemies.

You are just nostalgic. You can have good friends and bonds in any game, any server client, patch whatever, even outside game.Thats matter of your personality and others who u meet.

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31 minutes ago, Lawman said:

I agree that the hardcore aspect of the game has been lost -- killed by bots, RMT and pay-to-win.  Thanks for replying.

Most ppl are super negative here for some reason...

1 day pay2win will kill NA classic servers = most likely

Did it happen yet? No. we only have some xp boost and drop/adena, fishing xp and such.

How long it might take to become pay2win? a year - 2  years? who knows -> how about enjoying the road instead of crying about future?

The top clan who can farm all epics and such, will always sell it for real money - no exception every on any server.


If you have 2 years to enjoy playing, than just do so and when it became pay2win say goodbye and remember that u had nice pvps for 2 years and move on.

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4 minutes ago, Cardano said:

You are just nostalgic. You can have good friends and bonds in any game, any server client, patch whatever, even outside game.Thats matter of your personality and others who u meet.

Thank you! Oh my god you're right! I'm nostalgic! Whoa! thank you for your input friend!

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10 hours ago, Cardano said:

Classic = hardcore.

So now this server is already more classic then skelth coz now they remove loopmacros...

Like it or not its more hardcore.

When they run game with interface from main version soulshots on different place not on skillbar skills from main version, we have cp this is ex-classic with exp runes scroll buff etc real hardcore baby 

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You think a few buffscrolls, XP scrolls and some minor visual changes make a difference?

Think it will be easier ? Sooner or later u run out of xp scrolls ;)

Im not saying its difficult, most things to do in classic are easy peasy. But its brutally time consuming.

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I know what.  Let's get rid of bots AND looping macros.  Seriously, the whole bot discussion is misplaced here.  I agree NCWest has done a lousy job of stopping bots for 15 years and I'd be shocked if they suddenly got good at it now (much as I hope they will!).  But that has little to do with the looping macro discussion.  Allowing hunting with looping macros hurts the game.  Therefore, looping macros should be banned.  It's really that simple. 

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Classic to me is, the patch just before kamael introduced. (since kamael introduced, the patch messing up so many restriction about customising gear allowed to wear & unbalanced skill from OP class)

so the point being classic has to maintain some criteria:

- All the balanced class advantage - disadvantage (eg: properchy of water/ wind / fire has different benefit & penalties, some class can buff berserk & some can't)

- Maximum A grade item is the latest balanced customised equipment we can wear as a set (different resistant to counter some particular classes to win pvp) also has the best customised wearable armor type possible (since S grade armor introduced, they only had 1 type armor for each armor category)

- Dynasty armor is the worst sample of patch which everyone becoming uniform and there is no option to have better status armor unless you becoming one of them.

- The ultimate criteria of being classic is, player have to be able to combine the advantage of having some particular item with their class ultimate skill combination. I want to see some creativity of people building their character with unique item and combined them well with their class skill.

The best memories that you can watch in lineage while you doing Olympiad against titan who have to dress up with demon robe & some specific bestowed weapon before he'd be able to use frenzy / guts.

The patch where you might see shilien knight wearing robe against mage so he can cast magic skill faster & winning the game with a lots of surprise factor.

The patch where burning mp by healer class is a thing and can win you the round.

The patch where different bestowed weapon make the twist on character build instead of all people doing the same bestow just because the other type doesn't make sense and dropping the weapon value if you do so

The patch where you can making some income your way, either leveling up soul crystal and sell them, providing item creation service with some fee, spoiling mobs to get particular items you need, raiding bosses in full party instead of soloing raid and had no chance to see the boss spawn at all in your life, also my favourite is challenging epic bosses and work together with 90% of the player in the server :x

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