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Level 55 is bugged, and here is why


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Hello everyone, forgive me if this has been highlighted in another thread but i couldn't find it.


Level 55 to 56 is bugged. 

L2wiki classic states it takes 67.7m experience to level from 55-56

Source - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level


However in-game, X1 1m experience scroll gives 0.80%. Now 100% ÷ 0.80% =125, that is 125m experience needed for level. This is almost double what is suggested on the l2wiki. It takes less exp to level 60-61.


To my understanding this wiki is not official wiki for NA region. However, this experience chart has been accurate until now. Perhaps it is an intentional change? I shouldn't think so but maybe.


Could @Hime or @Juji shed some light?


Thanks for reading!

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6 hours ago, Garfield said:

It’s been discussed already in some other thread from what I recall

Yes, the exp tables are different, you need about 500% more exp to reach max level vs Innova exp table as far I remember(but I might have missread it)

You did misread it.  That comparison was based on exp from retail.

For all other levels, it's been 100% accurate.

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