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  1. Nova clan goes full pve . Not sure how xp will help nova get back all this heroes , castles , ppl they have lost due to inactivity of there clan . THE ONE AND ONLY PVP CLAN IN CHRONOS IS MS !
  2. Divekio and molensa will make a come back soon . They prepare dragon weapons in lostbanditos . Soon Aden will be lost . +27 enchants are comming . Molensa will 1 shot everybody including you @nuky and your friend zureil will never leave town again .
  3. Not bad at all . Time to make some serious profit out of this event .
  4. The caster stage 3 is not working ? And by the time he make stage 3 bow zureil will have stage 2 bow so one more weapon for ms
  5. Minimum will be lvl 6 jewels of our choice . Probably claw packs of 50 . And last reward drag weapon stage 1 .
  6. Who will be the big boys of Aden today ?
  7. Finally dragon weapon rewards !
  8. They lost all dragons but if divekio wins 1vs1 against zureil only then we will join him . Tip of the day : alwayes join the strongest side ( clan ) .
  9. Overdps and his friends are out of control sad to see this but STILL there is hope if raids become pvp zones , dragons become pvp zones and all high lvl hunting zones become pvp zones !
  10. Stop watching sience fiction films guyes . You start to beleave they are real .
  11. Any proof of this cheats ? Show use we’re are those anti hide anti back stab . My answer to your accusations about cheats : STOP WATCHING SIENCE FICTION FILMS
  12. Let me answer to you : RB farm is not for care bears like you . Need to make dragons pvp zone , rbs pvp zone and all hight hunting exp areas pvp zone.
  13. Easy to judge hard to do ? Let me explain you . You have no dragon weapon , you do no pvp , you farm no rbs , you don’t spend on l2 store , but you are jealous about others trying alwayes to say how bad others are wile you are the worst Owned !
  14. Looks like now nova can keep up the good relations with max . Let’s see if sun will merge with lostbanditos ( one of the strongest pvp clans ) they have many things in common .
  15. All that maters are bosses 105 + rest are useless since the lvl you should be in this content is 105 -108 .and yes on Big raids pvp zone is important .
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZNjq6a7aA0 imagine if boss is pvp zone you can kill everybody ez pz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFDVdmoRgBg&t=4655s
  17. He is right make it pvp zone so ppl can compete . Many times me and my cp tryed to kill bosses but the evic who kill him with his iss never flag and on mass respawn they use cc exploit and nobody want take 10-20 pk and drop all his gear . You are right about pvp zone only solution
  18. Top no1 nova cp joined MS clan whattttttttt? Why did they leave nova and joined ms clan . Why ms accepted them ?Who is to compete against ms ? Is it time for Sunshine to take Aden with there dragon weapons ? Can all sunshine clan kill zureil if they can Helios ?
  19. https://imgur.com/gallery/32HxabP I asked how many pk should a character have in order to start dropping items ? since in the new site of lineage2 there is nothing any more about the actual game but it’s all about events and this was there answer . So how many pk’s can I take to be safe not to drop equipment or something have ninja changed and we don’t know about it .
  20. Wars vs nova and ms are closed for the last 2-3 months . Kokokoko
  21. You just lost your time to report it the result will be same as the other xxxxx posts about bugs they have been made .
  22. GK best gameplay for pve
  23. Dragon hunters more heroes than max . Omenofshops how do you feel about it . Are going for a hero ? Or you w8 untill you sell all and then you will participate ?
  24. MORE GEAR = MORE DMG this is what you shoul know about this game . Make sure you are in the right path.
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