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  1. still 3 clients per PC... if they increase it, let me know.
  2. sometimes i wonder about that too... it's like a test of will to see if you'll be 1.) noob enough to click the cancel button because the words on the screen tells you so 2.) people don't want to wait quits queuing...
  3. Make Party Cake UNABLE to summon once summoned like the auto pots consumables. Due to server lag, some people don't see the cake and click again and got 2 cakes, what a waste. This should have been part of the programming to prevent such thing from happening. Please escalate this @Juji to the developers, thank you.
  4. I like the idea of server overload - which means, server might actually split for once in 10 years (which has been in consolidation mode and going back to its haydays of prior popularity)
  5. lol c'mon man, don't be a party pooper. let's celebrate!
  6. Are you like for real? Hearsay does not evidence make. Anyone can claim anything and that is not evidence. Also, how do you know the medium of exchange for Bitcoin isn't English twigs or Poppi flowers? I got paid CoD Tanz6 225b using builtin L2 client, what say you? That seems very legit.
  7. Sounds like your local ISP having scheduled daily network outage / brownouts.
  8. Well thanks for being at least neutral. I don't consider myself rich by any means, just an average player who understand how to buy the "hand me downs" chance opportunities. For example, recently when people are dumping +10 bloody or dark armors, far cheaper than it is to make them... I scoop them up. #1 - I need them to retrofit my troops, second if I ever need to get rid of them, it'll be at a minimal loss - kind of like a $2000 used car, can't loose much that way. Well maybe +10 bloody armors are a bad example and $10,000 super old and used Porsche or something might be more accurate RO
  9. if I remembered correctly, Juji used to help us by doing real world test... enchant odds... those were great! But I know NC recently messed with OE odds and I've never seen any community test by moderators or staff to help us out because the cost to come up with mathematical probabilities would be out of reach of any sane human's wallet, no matter how rich they are lol.
  10. Yup, I sold it within 5 mins after shout. Fastest and most expensive darn thing I've ever sold - well not quiet as a +20 R110 bow that I've sold few months back..
  11. Thank you Draecke. A more civilize way to communicate on an legitimate issue than that other name calling, forum violating, self pompous elevating, finger pointing PA-LA-BA.
  12. How to Name Change if Chronos will not allow you to create a Level1 character? Assuming we follow this instruction? https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360679-Name-Change-Service-FAQ Of the 7 slots, I only used 2; have 5 open slots free but server still ask me to delete a character so I deleted the Slot 2 of 7 (says 23 hours 59mins, etc. timer) Now 6 slots are open but Chronos still won't allow me to Create a new character. Is there a NEW WEB PAGE instruction for Name Change? Is this temporary issue? @Hime @Juji ?
  13. 100b is reasonable since it's not during event; during event it cost 85b at the low-end just to make them. the 3 that I have are double upgraded 6slots so you can put 2 augment on them and is tradable. they're on my lv.109 archer, lv.109 tank and lv.109 feoh and rightfully so. I had 6 Greater Jewels, sold 3 (Sapphire6, 2x Ruby6) and I bought Bitcoin before the Halving in May-2020; originally I needed the money but realize I have unexpected income elsewhere. only have Tanz6, Pearl6 and Sapphire6 left.
  14. After some experiment for me, /delay 158 works but not anything less than 157 seconds. I guess it depends on AP, jewelry -reuse rate.
  15. ah got it, thanks. he didn't know to wait... UNDERSTOOD now
  16. @Hime @Juji Please take into consideration to make Runes purchasable via NPC or reduce the number of books required by half for essential skills due to influx in population and demand for character development. Thank you.
  17. does your windows network icon have "Internet" connected? this usually means, some firewall or some gaming applications may have taken over your connection. go to CMD and type "ping lineage2.com" and see if you can access server. usually when i see that failed to read content data from the update server - means, internet is down.
  18. 1 char per server would solve "world lag", end of story. who here actually only plays 1 character? don't everyone need at least an ISS?
  19. finally Mixa, you make sense! Those who has all the money for top gears, top levels with all the expensive runes and big vitality packs, wouldn't care to farm lowly stuff... even if they do, I don't think they care much since NC rob them way more than it's possible for them to ever make it back... lol... such is life.
  20. Al Pacino once said, "just when I thought I was out.... THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!!" ROFL
  21. you make it seem like 5 - 8 mins of waiting... into hours, stop exaggerating.
  22. yeah when it hits iss or tank or healer, CP party wipe script will then scan for dead peeps and put them on priority list to be d/c per demand "surge" in the next hour or so.
  23. I can't agree more. Exalted rewards 1 & 2 is the best FREEBIE reward in 16 years. Due to the spoiled rotten new comers, they now expect grandiose gifts FREE now all the time. NOPE SIR! Welcome to the hardcore world of the real MMORPG. NO cartoon characters allowed.
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