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Just now, Sharlanna said:

Hell no... no explanation. Just says down for maintenance! This is getting VERY old. No warning or explanation as to wth is going on as usual.

Obviously, the crash was not intended or planned. We are investigating the cause now, while we bring the servers back up.

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It starts to become annoying... Invest time and effort making groups. Bim server goes down. In 15 years NC has never managed to make L2 runs as smooth as it should be.

It´s the only game where lag is a selling feature. New hardware? Come on I don´t believe it. Ever heard of primary and secondary server? In case one fails, there is a failover mechanism in placer to balance players on the other server.

What was the new hardware? A new raspberry pi? Seriously....

I can understand that to keep up a server it requires a lot of effort, but this problem now exists for years...

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