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Classic Questions Not Answered in Live Stream


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I noticed a few things in the live-stream that I'd like to inquire about. 

  • When the subclass system is introduced, will there still be restriction on Dark Elf and Light Elf races like there was originally? (One could not sub a class of the opposite race).
  • Will adena be auto-pickup like on the current live servers?
  • Will crafting be a major part of this update, given that on the Live servers drop rates have been severely stunted it is a worry that dwarven classes will have little to no value.
  • Will Silver Coins obtained by VIP lv 3-4 be tradable? Are you planning on this to supplement low spoils and drop rates?
  • Will skills added later on, such as Rhythms for Bladedancers and Swordsingers be in the game? 
  • Will Vampiric Rage type buffs affect archers and Mages in this version of classic? VR only helped melee classes when Lineage 2 first launched; later updates added benefits to Archers and Mages.
  • Will books/amulets be required to learn skills?

In the character info window there is an "Applying Elemential Attribute" section with 4 locked boxes. Is this going to be an NCStore only thing?


In the inventory window you can see Brooches, Bracelets, Agathions, Cloaks, Belts, Shirts, and Hair Accessories as options. Should we be expecting Pay2Win NCStore exclusive items for these slots similar to the Live servers? Brooch Gems are currently only obtainable in the NCStore on the Live servers, as well as Pay2Win Cloaks.


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Subclasses - no one knows, don't believe they exist yet in KR classic, so unlikely anyone can answer yet

Adena is autopickup, other loot is not

Should expect crafting/drop rates to be same as Skelth, so yes very important, not the nerfed GOD version

Believe devs have said they don't ever want to follow the GOD path on classic of class consolidation and way the game evolved after that point, so I wouldn't expect rhythms or most 85+ skills to ever be here.  Could of course change their minds in the future.  We do get 5 minute s/d on release though

Yes, books/amulets will be required.  20-39 books are sold in grocery, 40+ need to be farmed.  Might be one or two exceptions, but that's the basic idea.

Attributes are out on skelth now, don't know all the details, but would try to look up patch notes there.  At least there it's not a store thing, but possible we get something different.

Brooches/cloaks are available through store in kr/jp, not eu/ru(?).  Lots of people have an opinion of which way NA will go, unlikely we'll get a direct answer from Juji other than that they aren't there on release.

Don't know on the other questions

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On 9/29/2018 at 9:11 AM, xmot said:

Brooches/cloaks are available through store in kr/jp, not eu/ru(?).  Lots of people have an opinion of which way NA will go, 

For any admins or managers lurking. The moment you add cloaks/circlets/brooches is when a large portion of the playerbase walks.

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