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Put packs back in

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35 minutes ago, Pooflake said:

Yeh, i have it one account i can't access and not my other accounts. I am so angry!!! I need 3 packs on 3 working accounts fffs!!!

Ya it’s crappy they can’t work their website and we lose out.

I know this is a long game but I don’t want to be way behind because they can’t function a site

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I do not play classic, but I hear many ppl want these packs up again, I also know 4-5 ppl, who wanted to buy em and there was a problem with the website! 

So,yeah :)  I think soon you will get those packs again :D 


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Just now, Hime said:

Hey all,

The Launch packs are back for a limited time. This time around it is only purchasable for NCoin.


What about adena drop in server @Hime ? Please say something about it. It does not look good. Cant afford SS, spellbook nothing. It will be so much worse after 40. Its adena drop tabl for 1.0, no way its 1.5..

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3 minutes ago, Hime said:

Have you received a response yet for your ticket?

yes they said that your system is still broken, and they are working on it.... oh and not to mention we are getting randomly locked out of logging in with that "something went wrong on our end, try again later" bug.... 

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