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  1. don't you think that will benefit characters or classes with much hp? some classes are glass cannons so they need high damage to have any use. tyrrs will benefit the most in this update with over 200k HP and they hit you for 20k easy...
  2. progress is bad if you have to pay for it
  3. i think if they do that. ppl will exp in party with their boxes
  4. maybe your character is not old enough the claim the item.
  5. soulshots are for physical attacks and spiritshots for magic attacks soulshots are cheaper because you need more than mages need spiritshots
  6. do you want to make the instance alone? whats your gear/lvl?
  7. Reverse Plunder and Wild Plunder are the new spoil skills
  8. screen freezing is not related to server. but maybe it helps to update your drivers.
  9. it's hard to tell, but if they are with an iss. most of the time they rebuff always at same moment. and if you kill them they will return to the same spot with bot magic^^ i reported some in bs but i don't think i can share the videos i made
  10. nobody knows when, but they will have it for sure
  11. some facts about eu: super slow support and most of the time they won't fix your problem, or let you wait 1 month so you give up some skills lag, means if you use celestial for example you sometimes don't have it when you click and you die even if the skill is used correctly compared to here very few ppl they have everything in l2shop, sometimes sales but rarely(expensive compared to ru servers) they had corrupt gm/community manager for using 3 clients like here you need 2 pc and 1 premium account or 2 premium accounts for 1 pc thats my experience. so yo
  12. i had the same issue with one account of 3. when you switch to character selection and back to game, it was gone
  13. PK abuse in Primeval Island is supreme i don't understand why they lower the Adena drop in IOS, and increase drop in PI... now all high lvl top equip in PI killing everything they shouldn't have done this. but we can't change it anyway just my thoughts on this. bring some penalty back
  14. no, use your brain. if it would be server side all would dc constantly... which is not the case... did i blow your mind? Edit: btw didn't you notice that many countries have quarantine, means many use the internet so the traffic is, depending where you live, very high.
  15. it was there long enough. if you didn't get it it's not the fault of the server staff. they planed it for 1 day in store and extended it to 7 days...
  16. probably your isp or your route is broken from telia carrier
  17. can't you make the 2nd party just boxes? or is that too much input Edit: seem somebody already asked that
  18. they are not useless. new taurus has no active br for example
  19. thats not how it works. if you have 400% on 1 char in your party it get divided by the amount of ppl in your party. so 400/4 = 100 btw you can#t have 400% on 1 char i think 300 is max.
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