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  1. it's not terrible exp its normal exp. get used to it!
  2. don't you think thats the exact reason they post it later? chances are 25% 25% 33% 33% if you can trust wiki
  3. didn't some ppl post them way earlier from eu server? seems you missed that
  4. i agree, the problem was, that ppl where exploiting this drop system. while ppl where farming with macro. they made them pk 5 times or more so they drop and than kill them to get items.
  5. nice, thanks for sharing
  6. character creation is disable atm. you can create a character on Wednesday
  7. don't take suggested hunting zone to serious you can go to spots that drop good exp and are not overpopulated, i don't think it's hard to figure out
  8. Does somebody have source for stats and skills of new Greater Agathions?
  9. the game engine is super old so it does not have benefits when you have many cores it will use always 1 core. and use other settings in siege in siege ;D
  10. afaik it's class specific. tyrrs got passives that increase targets. for feoh and yul i don't know how it works
  11. packet loss is not only related to server side. it can be lost in the rout to the server. as i said in other post telia carrier has horrible routing issues from time to time. check if your route uses telia
  12. feel free to switch to eu or ru servers =) all say its better there, but i can't confirm that. i played there very long and it's really bad especially customer service(if you can call it that way) actually it's a joke there i had to wait 2weeks min for them to answer and they couldn't solve it at all. here is much better. but it's my experience so maybe you don't have same feeling. on topic: it's ncwest, no EU stuff involved
  13. blame corona. many ppl stay at home an play. why should they buy a server upgrade for 10k $ when it's not needed after corona?
  14. 1. i noticed the same. 2. it increases the skill power not the damage dealt. so if you have 1000 power with normal weapon you get 1500 power with spear
  15. there was an event where you could get it with low chance. but now there are new bracelets. check patch notes for info
  16. if i got it right the servers capacity is already at max, so there is no way to increase the capacity. what to do now? open new server :D?
  17. Harperz


    It's not my video, but i thought it's worth sharing here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXm_NYvurGQ
  18. before you write read the damn thread first
  19. like Keyra said it might be TeliaCarrier Problem. Just google TeliaCarrier Problems and you find a bunch of complains about bad routing/packet loss...
  20. Harperz

    Mass DC

  21. Harperz

    STR vs CHA

    i think that is race/base stats specific. so there is no general rule
  22. get a tank in your party or out of party pulling the mobs to you, if you kill fast this works fine.
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