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Bring Back XP Boost*2


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"I asked support earlier to bring back xp boost, they told me best way to talk about this is the forums, so i post it here let's see what will happen.

So if anyone agree with me to lunch xp boost event or whatever just say so or put plus. (We need a long time xp boost not just for a weekend)"

With the arrival of the new update we Classic server (mainly Gludio and Aden) we need incentives and the return of XP Boost event would be a great idea.

Please, make a new event.

 @Juji @Hime  

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First thing they should fix is ridiculously low drop/spoil/adena/xp rates. It's insane that you make more money(and xp) in lvl 30-40 or 40-50 areas like Ant Nest and Cruma than u do later in 60-65+ zones. At least bring back boosts on weekends, if you can't be arsed to fix the obvious things. There is one Yaksa recipe in whole Gludio server atm, many others not even one. Spoil in some places is decent and in some places nerfed to the ground. 

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Events are temporally, they don't last forever.

Also, NCW hates long xp boosts on base xp, since that hurts their sales after a while. My guess is that these XP boosts will become much more rare thing and when they do happen, it will be weekends only.

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Xp is easy to get. Wtf You all bitking about? Like seriously, daily 35-45, daily 45+ freeeeeee xp n stuff. The hell is the hurry You want 75+!???


maybe focus on equipment & stop buying adena as a noob, havibg top items but sucking at playing & lvling.

so many weak players....


maybe SP, or drops/mats ( but for that they have VIP), so pay up n stfu. 

My req would be a weekly SP quest.

Really. Choose what You want at least. Ofcourse weak players want it all, for free.

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