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Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

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Whats with the damage of elemental summoner's unicorn? WTF got 2pc Phoenix ring 3 2 Majestic Earring 1 Majestic Necklace +max passives + transfer pain still receive 7k normal damage? WTF its not even a CRIT! and you cant even move if he got you stun lock, i got all sort of stun resist items 30% stun resist still got stunned effort wasterd WTF @Juji @Hime @Cyan 

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Ponies are insane right now. I've submitted a few tickets in the form of a bug report, and others need to as well.

I think much like how the Live server pvp settings got set on classic by mistake (aka PKs can teleport) so did Pony damage coefficients.

With some epic jewels, a grade, blue wolf heavy as a 78 PR - a 76 summoner wearing moon armor and dual sls*sls 30days crit me for 3k twice and dropped me like a stone.

Incredibly OP and broken, it needs to be resolved.

Oh and nobody on the server can xp in Varkas, Ketra, or Imperial without kiting endlessly. What's the point of even HAVING these places available if you can't even use them.


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Do you guys equip top gear and even try some of these zones? You'll die ASAP.

Your QA team should set their level to 80, throw on top S, +20 S-grade weapons, full epics jewels (mind you NO ONE on these servers have all that) and you still won't be able to kill in Varka, Ketra, or Imperial Tomb efficiently.

Meanwhile a half naked lv76 pony will kill you in three crits while they ride away or kite you on their mount lol.

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3 hours ago, Roflcopter said:

wait for dagger 1 hitting you with 15k damage.

maybe get 1 shot by a dark elf archer with fatal counter.

maybe get feared nonstop from a tank

2 hittet from orc in frency

At least all of those have to be somewhat near you. The pony guy can kill you while mounted and running around at 200+ speed xD

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well for that i was really suprised that they reduced the cast time and increased the range. But thats Korea, i remember some videos from a titan on jap or Korea cant remember....he was at 35k hp and dealt like 10k damage. During pvp he was taking agro from rb to heal himself....same goes for the phantom ranger and hist fatal counter. How can you implement such a skill. Cdl for example sucks in pvp but its the same mechanic.

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Pony 77 factual stats:

9k HP = Check

5k P attack= Check

9k  M attack= Check

1.6k P def=  Check

1.1k M def= Check

2000 range= Check

 AOE, Melee and Nuker all in one pet= Check



See the picture ? Ponies are extremely OP, is funny to see a pet with more stats than a lvl 80 player with full epics and ++ weapon in Ag armor full buffed.


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