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Return to only 3 client or the game will die


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1 hour ago, Shoppy said:

Putting client limit back to 3 will kill the game.

But, yes. There should be a limit. People logging in 21 or more clients on one PC and populate whole Hellbound with them really is a no-go. But seriously, the 3 client limit has made more player leave L2 than you can imagine @SongMaster

Really...? Was period with 3 acc legal - and we have instances, parties and etc (not so much - but have). Now... 0 parties. Now all just macro botting (im also). If you think now we have game... you really wrong... Now we have just 99% people with legal botting. Nothing more. Botting for nothing - after "updates" we getting ~3-5kk adena per 1hour (exist just some areas where can get more) - for this adena can buy just shots... :) When people understand this - mass will stop play this game. It's just question of time.


And i will explain what is it 5kk/h:

pve/pvp set +10 ~50kkk. So need to farm 24/7 10.000h or 240.000days or... 6574 year just for 1 set (+10 set its just 1% what need in game).... Welcome to new l2 reality :) 


If start play this game when was start build Giza Necropolis in Egypt - now you have +10 set :)

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In my honest opinion, Ncsoft adjusted the limit from 3 to 7 so people (legit players with macro - not bot farmers) will created more toons and spend more (adena/ncoins) which means more income for Ncsoft, its unfair to these players if they return the limit to 3 since they already invested their time and resources to the additional 4 toons. There are fewer people looking for parties (Kama, CC, Baylor, AF, etc) now because of the XP event, doing field hunting yields more XP than doing instances.  Bringing back the limit to 3 can't really address the bot farmers since they have more than 1 PC, have bot programs, have virtual machines, etc. What Ncsoft can do is find a good way to apprehend and ban these bots accounts, and not bring back the old limit of 3. Definitely the upgrade in limit has increased the number of legit accounts being logged but its not the main reason of lag and queue, but increase of bots. Though Ncsoft wasn't able to anticipate the increase of logged accounts (legit/bots) with their current hardware and server infra which they need to address aside from handling bots.

More power to Ncsoft and to all players.

Thank you.

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Yes, plz revert to 3 clients per PC. The game is joke now, everyone running they own party xD. Is this how this game should be played from now on ? This is JUST SAD! Everyone who cry about ppl leaving cos of limit is retarded for sure, or is exploiting game to sell adena for cash. Ppl will leave after they see what is happening with this game thats for sure. How sad nolife you need to be to play with yourself in MOBA game, and monitor your bot party if its not dead... This is not investment banking bleep it, that you monitor your toons like if they ware stocks in wall st. Even 3 clients is much, but its understandeble, to have one iss or 2 dwarfs in Aden selling stuff. Beside how a normal player can compete with bot parties which are placed all over the world ? You are forced to join them in this sad activity, and after a while u realize wtf am i doing in here, and then you leave becouse there is no fun no adventuer no nothing, just monitoring your bot party, gr8 idea NCsoft, you turned a game into a bull-sh1t bankster simulator.

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