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You call this "Summer SALE" ?!?


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@Hermes @Arctic really?

Do you lads for real call this "summer sale" ? Out of the millions of items that L2 Live has, you've only added the rare accessory pack bundle and the stones for daily instances? Where are the rest of the items? Why you could not provide us with GOOD summer sales? Why not even create a new actual summer bundle?

Disappointed sales. 

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9 hours ago, Draecke said:

where's the Big Vitality Pack

there is no hope for em to change and hear us for anything, every event is getting worst n worst last couple month, new year started with 1-2 good events then its a free skydive from em, 1 event after the other worst n worst pay2play, almost to none good offers in each event too, other servers getting half price of coins etc we here going for the other direction. Pass was a good idea but poorly executed.(even removed the pass before the official remove time).Free pots are good thx but its like a joke to all of us!

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They suck, naia is empty, only few rich ppl playing, and chronos is in a similar position.... just put afk macro ur char if u want to play and dont care about ncshop is obiviously outofanyfu..ingsense, in adenas all things are cheap so they don't know prices/population/needing...#ncfailsummercup2022 

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The summer sale is funny

Timed Zone Passes are max 10 per day, but I bought 10 yesterday morning before the server reset (bought at 7:00, server reset is 8:30), couldn't buy any yesterday after the reset, was able to buy 1 today. It looks like NCSoft just doesn't want to earn money.

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