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[COMPLETE] Game Update: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Game servers will be down for Live maintenance and Classic launch (hype!) beginning Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 4am PDT / 1200 GMT+1 and ending at approximately 2:30pm PDT / 2230 GMT+1. Estimated do

It's the typical: 1st step: Let's be nice and tell them we will be delaying for 3 hours 2nd step: Let's be nice and tell them it will be another 2 hours tops, and they can play 3rd step: we are

8 minutes ago, Yuc said:

Man sitting behind machines representing the pinnacle of  technological progress and mankind's intellect, while enjoying automation that cools and chills his favorite beverage being able to communicate with human beings across the world without delays or interruptions. No sir, this IS the good life. :DB|

Yeah, i feel ya on that. Could be a whole lot better though if I could grind a dwarf! (No dwarf was harmed in the making of this post)

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2 minutes ago, saoldan said:

Going Scavenger and Blade Dancer on Talking 
Island here
 how about you guys/ girls?

SPH + SE or WL+PP on Giran .. I'm still hesitating, in any case, i'll try to be in AOE party, i love it so much !

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Just now, saoldan said:

My brother in law is going doomcryer. he calls me on the phone like every 20 minutes like if I could do anything to fix the servers


ya me and my real life friend are both playing together... should I go Warsmith, or maybe Ghost Hunter.

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