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  1. It's really only worth doing when the server settings are boosted. It's pointless to do it now, unless your goal is to watch your Vitality bar to go from full to empty in a minute or less.
  2. Level 109 and the only places to hunt have very mobs, but LOTS of people. I thought this update was going to give us more mobs? wth
  3. Dragon Weapons are ugly, too. Wish we could modify those. If concerned about players not being able to tell difference, give modified weapons a special glow that no other weapon gets. But give us weapon modify back.
  4. I miss my special arrows already. I know top yuls probably don't need them, but less geared archers like me do. Cheapest way to boost hunting damage after shots. Plus I have bad enchant luck, so I always have R crystals.
  5. When they eliminate all pets except those for summoners, we'll all know why.
  6. This is a no brainer. Please arrange for GM buffs 3 times a week. Get the NPCs fired up and put them at Fantasy for 4 hours on those days -- 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the evening -- so that everyone gets a chance to get the buffs. Now that would be showing us some gratitude. @Juji @Hime
  7. I think his main point is that if he can't survive long enough to farm there because of PK, what good is it having bonus anything? What he misses, though, is true "cause and effect." Cause: They lowered adena drop amount of IOS. This makes it almost pointless for most high levels to hunt there. Effect: High levels now go to PI because it is boosted and there is opportunity to make more here because of boosted drops via farming. Irony: Some lower level, under-geared players complained about high adena drop amount at IOS, seeking to hurt those higher levels' pockets. Now th
  8. Count me for a few boxes. I probably won't get more than honey beer drops with my luck.
  9. PVP is the hallmark of this game. But it is also the worst thing about this game. In the real world even a 5 year old with a rock and decent aim can hurt the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world. But in L2 you have to be pretty close to top dogs in equipment and levels to tickle them, let alone be considered an actual threat. If you want PVP to improve, and if you want more and more people to want to PVP, you have to change the mechanics.
  10. If I'm not mistaken any of the town blacksmiths. The option is under the Augmentation menu.
  11. 1. Easy until you get to higher Exalted quest where you have to kill 80,000 mobs. It's not hard, just boring as hell. You log in, search forever for a good hunting spot, set macro, go AFK, try not to get upset when you come back to find toons dead, killed by either Demon Swords or PKers, rez party, restart macros -- rinse and repeat until next day. 2. You'll do instance (Abandon Mine, Storm Isle, etc.) and daily, which I'm sure you already know. Hellbound regions like Phantasmal, Beleth Circle, etc., unless you have top gear. Then you can go to Ivory Tower Crater, possibly even Alligator
  12. If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, Soul Crystals are used to make High and Top Grade spirit stones, Brooch spirit stones and Circlet spirit stones. You need hundreds to make the High grade spirit stone and thousands for the others. Price is whatever you can negotiate on the market although I think the NPC price is between 10-20K each, or something like that.
  13. Make sure that you are logged in when they ding 105. If not, you lose out on clan quest.
  14. I have over 2200 of those anniversary coins at the moment. At this point they should scrap the event and roll back server settings to max boosted levels. Nothing to see or do but grind.
  15. It's now Monday, hunting in different spot ALL day where they are supposed to drop, but still no box drops. Why do we have to wait until Wednesday? Are they going to extend the event? If not, bring servers down now for emergency maintenance. This anniversary is turning into Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong is going wrong.
  16. I just went all weekend hunting in appropriate areas, including staying logged in overnight, but didn't get a single box drop. What gives? I get low drop chance is normal, but this is beyond ridiculous. Come on, guys, you can do better than this.
  17. Ah, that makes sense now. How married are you to that character? You can't create new characters now, but you can on Wednesday, 5/6. If you don't have much invested in that character, or have jewels, dyes or something that are expensive to move/transfer, you could just create a new character. Then do the Tarti quest to get the free armor and weapon, shots, rose and other 7 day Vitality saving scroll. It won't take long to go from 1-87 again. 25-35 minutes at most. Plus you will want to get the 1-20 buff from the Adventurer NPC that keeps you from getting PKed by higher levels. It las
  18. Check Auction House. Not worth buying in my opinion. All they do is eat. Also, before you buy make sure you're in level range of strider -- 10 levels iirc -- or you won't be able to control it and it will eat you. Ok, maybe not eat you. But it won't follow your commands.
  19. What level were you when you came back to game? Did you complete any of the Tarti starter quests? That is where you get the free equipment, including Apoc Dual Daggers with built in SA. That's a separate question. My main question is how are you hunting? A dagger doesn't kill with p.atk. They kill with skills. So I need to figure out your hunting style to maybe help steer you right. The mobs in DEV (Altar and Swamp) are not hard to kill. They are perfect for your level. So something else is going wrong.
  20. Oh, forgot to mention that price for Spirit Ore changes from town to town. Right now on Chronos it's cheaper in Giran than in Aden for example.
  21. Grocery store in any town. Also note that the first set are all buffs. The second set of skills belong to clan, hero or mentor situations, so even with spirit ore and soulstones in your inventory you have to be in the right condition to use them. For example, you won't be able to summon a clan mate unless you have him/her in party first.
  22. Check the skill descriptions. You probably need Spirit Ore or Soulstones. They sell them in Grocery store.
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