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2 things need to be possible to be turned off.

Disable toggle for the social action when near a "ranked" character.
Disable hero chat.

I do not want to read their crap and be turned away from this game even more then i already have been and i certainly do not want to pay them any kind of "forced respect" trough social actions when the same people are the ones who can't be bothered to have any "manner" within the game.

Both these things are very detrimental to the entire game and makes me want to vomit!

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1 minute ago, ImakesItAll said:

Forced Hero chat is a lose lose. Find a better way to "respect" Hero's. Back in the day there were statues in each town for the top players. Do that for the Hero's and give us our peace in the chat channel.

I concur. It is important to NOT have constant scrolling chat in the chat boxes. I need to see ONLY the chat information from my Clan, Ally & Whispers. I don't want to miss those messages because of all the CRAP filling the chat boxes.

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For goodness sake, it's even in the system message window! Not so long ago, we had the oe server wide announcements spam, which most if not all vehemently disliked. I wonder what was the thought process behind this latest masterpiece. It needs to go.

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