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Ongoing Connectivity Issues – 2/10

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Hello Adventurers, For the last few days, we have been experiencing service interruptions on Lineage II. This is not caused by our servers as we have ensured they are running smoothly. These inte

The solution is quite simple. If the server is too loaded, it must be managed intelligently.  As Eviscerator I have delays with each skill I use, lag melees, it's unacceptable to play with such l

Well I looked into Battleping and they longer support Lineage 2 even they they support other NCSoft Games like Aion and Blade and Soul.  There is issues with their server configurations that very touchy apparently and do not play well with others lol.  Maybe NCsoft should ask the bot makers to help them fix the problem seems like only ones that can easily bypass connection issues.

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@JujiSorry to dissapoint you my friend but I did this from the first day that I couldn't log in (today is the 4th day in a row) and  their answer is to wait and observe official forums for any update on the current situation, for a problem that it's not even mine  ( after some diagnostc tests they put me to do with different tools).I mean ... for real guys ?

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I can not believe that having raised a ticket 2 days ago and been told to keep a eye on the forums for details and information of what was being done you are now telling people to raise a ticket i am not computer literate and some of the things you may ask me to do i will probably not be able to do 

The ticket i raised you stated that the the issues are not my end now you are saying i may have to try to fix this myself 

do you not understand that some people my not understand these issues i am a victim here i really don't get it at all 

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My update of situation. I moved 30km to my parents where we have different internet provider and I play on different PC. And there I can log in without any problems. I see only some minor lags as always but client worked normally. So definitly is not my issue. In my home I have even better internet provider and faster internet and can not login or have DC and huge lags. I did not open ticket because I know answer that I am fine or that i lost packets or something like this. 

If you can, go test game to friends with different provider. 

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After checking multiple times I was finally able to get in. I do not know if it will last, but as of now I have no lag. I am in Alabama with 200 mbps Spectrum internet. Not sure if anyone else having probs has Spectrum internet. I was to the point of calling them to see if they killed some ports. Good luck all.

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I did manage to get back on but my laptop is still down crashing at server select so I guess its progress lol.  Still got an open ticket that said stay tuned to forums which I do not understand if tell us to open the ticket but they tell us come here its very confusing to what are we suppose to do.

This has never been a perfect game but treat us with some respect, you knew @Jujiirregardless of the bad issue most of the real players are having that buffing the mobs and taking away the herb was not going to help these servers and in the end probably hurt your bottom line.  Same with the change in luck.

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Odd all this ...

Bots are still playing but people who actually pay for a service are unable to login ...

I came back in November 2019 and made approximately 50-60 friends since I started.

Today, 3/4 of them has not logged in for more than a month and the remaining 1/4 are still playing between lvl 108 - 113.

The higher ones are those who actually spend money in huge bulk.

You do have a good feature implemented "making people leave the game quickly".

I understand that maintaining the game might not be an easy task, but if your folks are unable to maintain a quality of service, you might want to hire new folks to do a better job. Even my 15-18 years old students in IT are able to handle a database maintenance & server maintenance at their age and are able to monitor (Wireshark, Nagios, Solarwind) everything and do redundancy correctly, even configure a IPS/IDS/Firewall and check what is going on...

I hope you can fix all this madness. And please, you might hire a real GM that actually spends time inside game in stealth mode to check what is going on within your game. I can guarantee that you would catch 90% of the top players buying Adena from RMT instead of going through the L2Store.

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@JujiDid what you told me to do and not exactly the response I expect from my ticket#23666594

Can you please look at it as someone else said I do not think a lot of your staff completely understand that game or what we are asking for sometimes in these tickets.  This was the most unusual response I would ever expect from even a customer service rep.

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The solution is quite simple. If the server is too loaded, it must be managed intelligently. 

As Eviscerator I have delays with each skill I use, lag melees, it's unacceptable to play with such lags, it's unacceptable to be a good spender on this game by buying Ncoins at each event to play as a crap. 

Let's start to give my ideas: 

- Greedy Chests bots, there are more and more bots waiting for greedy chests, it is impossible to exp in peace without having three, four bots maybe more on the sides.  
Change the way to the Greedy Chests appear, dropping them directly from mobs people are hitting. This will prevent overcrowding of bots in the play areas. 
Also I noticed that some of them use programs, the programs are forbidden in the game it seems to me and this gives incredible lags.  
Some of these bots are sitting down being killed and they instantly it revives while still sitting ... strange isn't it. 
In addition, these greedy chests cause problems between players, it is unacceptable that a character is exp and when a greedy chest falls 5/6 over-equipped players appear and steal the chest. They are giving good profits to same players, someones has 4 maybe more computers with 3 clients opened on each waitting for this chests. 

- Fishing, limit fishing areas to two / three hours per day/account.

- Characters in towns doing nothing except load the servers:  disconnect them after an hour of inactivity. 

- Vendors/Crafters, leave the salespeople who are seated, at least they are useful. 

 - Limit two clients per account, years ago we got 5, now 3 why not 2. 

- Don't do events giving items for connexion time but maybe for time exping/playing, by this way server can stop with the inactive characters in towns.

Here are some ideas that can greatly lighten the servers and bring joy to this game that does nothing but screw up. 

Let's finish with lags and mass dc. 

Thank you.


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let me say I hate boxing support toons but the way this game is going its a necessary evil so anything less than 3 per PC will hurt regular people with the exception of that I agree with most of your other suggestions to reduce lag.

Fishing how about to fish u get moved to dimensional server that is empty 99% of the time still get the same items but cant open any chests have to wait till you go back to your server to open chests, that would releave the live server of heavy lifting of fishing afk toons but still allow people to fish afk without disconnecting.

1 hour of in town inactive not in a sell or buy mode is a fair reason to be disconnected.  I walk by a lot of buy or sell shops that sell out in the middle of night that sit there till morning.  They can be D/c with no harm to anyone.

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what is wrong with you people ?

change internet provider, if that is the real problem and let us logged straight for damn 24 hours once


this damn morning dc after dc after dc, its the 5th damn time i am logging and i can't even have the time

to write in clan chat before the next damn dc

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I know 8 ppl that left in the last week due to the ongoing DC's/connection fails.

As for myself, i use 200% runes, prestige etc. and dc over and over.

You better think about a good compensation and not only Golden Balls - given while many can't even log in to claim em.

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I only DC when I'm not doing anything. At night, I have my iss hitting with me (to make sure she stays online). When I'm at the PC, I have her run to/fro but she either hits once, then runs back to her chicken or my mentee, or she pm's her self when she is done with the run to/buff macroes.

Try hitting, even if it's once every few minutes.
OR, a debuff from a healer
OR pm yourself about every 300 seconds.

If none of this keeps you online, I'm sorry. I rarely DC & hope this helps you in the same way.

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