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Classic Herald of Light Game Update: Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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  • L2 Team

Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 4 a.m. PDT /  6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes.

With this maintenance:

  • Routine server updates and modifications.
  • Herald of Light content update will be released!
  • Pig Junior's House Project event will start for 3 weeks. Details are available here.
  • There Suspicious Safe promotion will be available in the L2 Store for 4 weeks. Details are available here.
  • The Power Rush event will end.
  • The Mysterious Dragon Slayer weapon exchange will be removed and following promotion-related items will be deleted from players' inventories:
    • Mythical Dragon Chest
    • Mysterious Weapon Enchant Scroll
    • Mysterious Dragon Slayer
    • Sealed Mysterious Dragon Slayer
    • Special Armor Exchange Coupon
  • Fixed an issue where the clan leave penalty was reverted back to one day.
  • The 17th Anniversary Collection and effects will be removed.
  • The following 17th Anniversary event (Lulu's Box of Gratitude) items will be removed from players' inventories:
    • Lulu’s Box of Gratitude
    • Chef's Fish Stew - Victory
    • Sweet Grace Cookie - Event
    • Golden Fruit Buff Lv. 2 - Event
    • Dragon's Special Elixir Lv. 2 - Event
    • Golden Fruit Buff Lv. 3
    • Dragon Special Elixir lv. 3
    • Scroll: Enchant Stats
    • Enhanced Sayha’s Blessing
    • Sayha’s Storm Lv. 3
    • Scroll: Fire Dragon's Blessing - Event
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1 hour ago, Juji said:

The servers are now OPEN! 

Please let us know if you experience any issues after the update!


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  • L2 Team
33 minutes ago, 1885 said:

So we have to unequip our current runes or we can keep socketed specials? The new Crit rates are Terrible compared to the old........

You don't need to unequipped. Your current runes will automatically be replaced on July 14. Any extracted runes will automatically change to the new version.

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5 hours ago, Juji said:

We are investigating the issue. 

Error persisted.


One thing I commented on by ticket, I was asked to speak on the forum:

NCSoft has difficulty crafting events? Or does NCSoft consider its players lunatics?

Not long ago, at an event part of the prizes were quivers. Today quivers is no longer worth anything.

Really? What was a prize a short time ago has no use today? In other words, a previous event that had a quiver as a prize, was it to deceive players?

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Fix again the soulshot damage!I don't care if was wrong for 3.5 years ago.We are playing with same damage over 3.5 years.You lowered down 3/4 of Dragon valley and Imperial tomb,but our damage sucks now.We where palying at TOI ,now we can't anymore.Great job m8,one step more for RIP the server.

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Completely agree with the rest of guys we cannot do anything right now with this soulshots damage decrease, we are dieing from mobs.

You allready decreased fighters crit rate with the new runes now you take out our damage aswell?

Please revert the soulshots damage as it used to be all the time NCSOFT you are destroying all fighter classes with this update.

@Juji @Hime

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I knew that something is messed up! Even if I’am 2 lvls higher than I was BEFORE all the venir giveaway- Iam not able to farm places I could easily before venir and catseye showed up. Well played  NC, you gave us op items to cover all the nerf after they’re gone.

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This update is a huge fighter nerf in disguise:

1) Soulshot damage nerf, overall fighter dps -30%.

2) Crit rate nerf by removing Othell and replacing it with something that is half the value and costs 5 times more.

These updates make no sense whatsoever, also this Soulshot bug is not a bug if it exists for 2 years, you just ninja nerfed it so people will spend $ for goldbars and make Hardins out of desperation to be able to continue their farm.

Lastly i would like to comment on the complete lack of transparency and amateurism shown regarding this update with posting incomplete data for a loot box event at Monday with items not even announced confusing alot of people. Even now your patch notes make no sense in some sections and just look like a copy pasta of data you have no idea about.

Please, at least dont make it this obvious that this is just a cash grab with zero consideration for the community, some of us like to live the dream that all is fine, dont spoil it for us.

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It really doesnt make any sense when you are playing a fighter and you log out doing damage X and after a few hour you log in and you are doing 0.7 times X. This is a slap in the face to all fighter toons who have played for so long and have a specific set up. Its like you are urging us to quit...

Please revise the effect on soulshot damage cause we just cant do our thing anymore... we re dying from mobs from 1 day to another... thats turning everything upside down for all fighters..

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By the end of the day, we will still play with a heavy heart regardless… ajaa! 

This past few months it was like gambling event with negative feedbacks. No consideration whatsoever. 

70% completion in merging with live server 




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The worse part is that they didn’t even mentioned *%#t about and think we’re stupid. My wallet is closing from now on and account is going down from vip 10 to 0, time to look for something new. 

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> Buried deep in the patchnotes:

  • Fixed an issue where normal attack Soulshots did more damage than indicated in the tooltip.

 Even if it was an "issue", it was like that for extremely long time, and what you did - you made people who were already farming for many months in certain spots to die on the same spots without changing anything to their gear, level or party.

If something is working certain way AND relied upon by players to the point it is expected as normal operation - you don't just go and "fix" the "issue".

Please revert this change.

Also, I have to agree that new soul crystals system makes it even worse as with new crystals I get less damage than with old one. Even with top level crystals vs non-top-level runes.

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Also, speaking of new rune system:

  • You removed runes drop from raid bosses, didn't replace them with crystals
  • You removed runes from VIP coin shop, didn't replace them with crystals

Most recent test: overnight (8h) in TOI - only 1 (one) Aden soul crystal dropped.

So my question here is where are people supposed to obtain crystals?

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@Jujior @Hime what we are trying to say is that we do understand that this is how is supposed to be but that update its coming from Korean server a Classic server with way too many p2w items that we don't have yet so that's the reason this update destroy our server because we are missing the Top-Jewelery and we are missing many other items that give us Soulshots damage or stats.


Please revert the soulshot damage reduction till you guys manage to put the same pay to win items as korea has and than feel free to decrease the soulshot damage.


Hope that clarify our issue.

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It is amazing that you manage to fail at every single one of your updates. We get it that none of ncwest gms are part of the development, or the actual game in any way. 

All latest updates have done nothing but made the game worse and less welcome to new/casual players.

Messed up the pk system.

Butchered low-mid lvl areas making it impossible for new players to catch up without spending a month's wage. 

Done absolutely nothing about botting/scripting /exploiting bugs (lvl 10 clans...) 

Added zero new content, except new ptw items. 

Destroyed player based economy. 


And now, you decided to massively nerf the classes that were already underpowered. It's as if that you have already decided to kill classic and you are forcing players to quit so that you will avoid any compensation claims. 

Shame on you 


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If melee classes get that extra boost again then u better do the same for mages. Its been impossible for mages to farm in TOI whilst melee classes still can do it even with the current soulshot damage fix.
Either fix TOI and make more floors reasonably hard and available to more people, or also boost mages so we can  farm in TOI too if you boost that soulshot damage again.
There has been no place a mage can make adena and fighters been swiming in money and exp for months!

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I read other players' posts here and did it in less than 10 minutes.

I wonder why the staff doesn't read what we talk about so much. Guys, we've been here for years, playing, giving opinions, suggestions thinking about improving the game and what we all realize we're ignored. Please revert this table Staff  @Juji @Hime @LIME

I'll be honest, the suggestions given by everyone is to save the server, save the gameplay. If it continues like this, there were only bots on the server. My god, it's amazing how you guys don't punish the bots.

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