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Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT /  7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 1400 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours.  With this mai

Yes, servers are up now!

This is the most adena sink update ive seen the last years.So lets count the changes: first new talismans insanity and seven signs, if you ppl think that the compound will be 100% success dream on, pr

1 hour ago, iJulian said:

What did happen with drop, im being farming like 6/7 hs and not even a single material drop ...


4 minutes ago, Aphilion said:

Same here... and I have boost for drops. O.o

They did said in the patch noted that drops were adjusted.Since they didn't use the word "increased" that means they were lowered.

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4 minutes ago, BurnCycle said:


They did said in the patch noted that drops were adjusted.Since they didn't use the word "increased" that means they were lowered.

And way way too low.  I farmed for more than 7 hours and I get only one useless metallic fiber... with a prestige pack boost!!!  WTF.

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Prestige Pack subscribers between August 7 through October 29 will receive a Trick-or-Treat Bonus Pack. A serial code will automatically be available to apply on the account management page with the following items:

  • Drop Rune 200% 7- Day Pack x4
  • XP Rune III 200% 7-Day Pack x4
  • SP Rune 200% Pack 7-day x4
  • Bloody Rune Pack (30-day) x1

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On 10/30/2019 at 9:54 AM, NPC said:

I'm nothing against the problem that you get around but this problem will be bad.
People who want to create party room kartia 85 must log in to char lvl 90 to create a party room?
problematic this solution ... . .

but thanks for the update and the event
let's go let's go ;-)

Agree, REALLY stupid to set chat limit at this level.  wtf, it takes less than 1 second to right click block adena spam... and real players can't talk or play ?  gf


18 hours ago, BurnCycle said:

Still looking for an answer on this @Juji / @Hime

it's 5% chance, if you don't have 500b to blow, don't worry about it

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since the dimensional rift was taken out this update.
(RIP 100-day quest progress)
i did not see that these two items were listed to be removed and obsoleted in the patch notes
-superior giant's codex chapter 1 - Fragment-
-rune stone fragment-
if they are not being removed. Haven't gotten to a very high level to know if there is somewhere else to obtain and exchange these items.
can anyone confirm?

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JiJi, the skill Servitor Balance Life is not working on Wynn Arcana Lords.  It was previously not an auto use skill prior to the new update.  The skill will also not work on a macro.  I've tried to submit a ticket for this, but the L2 website will not allow large video file uploads as "evidence".  Can you assist?


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every update means, new item+...+++difficulty to the game, making the game no longer suitable for casual player, ...they lowered some certain rate with the updates (grinding/enchant/compounding), how much STR/LUC u can have now? 300? rofl

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This update is painful to any player who can't or not willing to particiapate in the pay-to-win aspect of Lineage 2.
It takes away content, which was there to simply enjoy without spending a dime. (quests, hunting zones)
It takes away methods to get some adena just by playing.
It cripples all players with lower levels or low gear, it affects small clans badly.

I'm here since L2 became "free to play" and my main toon is only 103 and my biggest value is a Kelbim dual dagger.
I think differently about spending time or money (which is time) on a game. 
Still I had some fun by doin daily stuff, and plannin how i will get a decent cloak in 2050.... 
(Eg: "100 day.. " quest was my only predictable revenue source in the game.)

As the (d)evolution of L2 continues, its getting more and more unpleasant to me, and close to the verge where the fun and the struggle is so disbalanced its pointless to keep playing.

NC thinks they can convert players to customers by these kind of updates?
NC thinks they can favor the top milking cows by these kind of updates?
NC tries to aliante non-customer players to lower server costs?

Are regular, low level players unncessary to the ecosystem? 

Anyway, this was one of the most painful, and sad updates. And 2 weeks of xp and drop bonuses can't help that. :(

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I just started the first Exalted q. and they still reffering to the 4 sub-quests....

There are buffs that override each other, skills not working, incorrect info on many places, graphical bugs, you name it...

I have to say that the DEVs increased their level of Sloppy Work skill a lot...

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I am seeing that now I cannot use the summoner's Servitor Balance Life if a healer has used his healing balance ... is that so now? Or is it simply a mistake? Someone who can explain me please, since it did not appear in the patch note. It used to work if this skill although heler uses its balance. ty.

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