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  1. My point is that even during the game's heyday, when it was at its most fun ever, most people still played the market. As someone who was one of my servers first billionaires over 15 years ago back when most people were still in B and C grade, the market is a viable option. Sure, you don't have to do it. And yes, sometimes it does feel a little too much like work. But even the day to day grind feels like work once the novelty wears off. Wait until you get to 106 when your XP rate slows down painfully and dramatically. You'll see what I mean. From the start Lineage 2 was meant to be a
  2. By "fun", do you mean spending massive amounts of your hard-earned real money to play this game? If so, then no need to post here. Just go buy 20,000 Ultimate Jewelry boxes and sell them to other players. See how fun that is. RMT-lite is the only way to earn income in game if you aren't going to play the market. Good luck either way.
  3. Hate to tell you, but they aren't removing that archer nerf any time soon. They almost never undo nerfs in that fashion.
  4. I can think of a few things. And sometimes it's not what you sell, but where/when you sell it. Patience is key either way.
  5. Yes and no. I mean we all had to learn to play the market and deal with the sacrifices and risks of doing so. Well, most of us who didn't play this game doing RMT had to learn. Since there aren't XP boosts, now is the best time to start. He can always get that .0002% of daily XP any time.
  6. Like I said, I don't think this is the last nerf. I think there are more to come. And balancing is needed. Even a relative noob who steps into COC and gets sprayed and killed 1 second into it by archers like me already boosted through the ceiling with tons of amps that favor archers knows this. As for your last paragraph, those were all reasons enough to quit the game with or without the nerf. Again, I've been saying that, too. This place has turned into a Visa/Amex wasteland where the only reason to be here is to test your swipe skills, nothing more. I stopped massively investing in
  7. If this nerf is enough to make people quit, then either I've grossly underestimated how difficult it is to play archer, or I've grossly underestimated the people who play archer. I first rolled an archer in C2, so I'm going to go with the latter. No one likes nerfs, but this is nothing.
  8. My point is that the proposed doesn't interfere with the playing styles of the people that you'd like to affect as much as you think. Like most nerfs, this will likely impact the downstream players. The people that are pissing you off by using "double jumps" -- trust me when I say that, like me, they probably already have a work around in place. You're better off asking them to nerf some other aspect for yuls and feoh.
  9. That's the funny part. They really only nerfed two skills and as many who play the class with top gear can tell you, the nerf doesn't hurt that bad. That tells me that there will be more nerfs, if they're really trying to balance the class/game. (I have my doubts about their goals in that respect, though.)
  10. Spend money on items that increase the damage that you do with crits.
  11. Even with this nerf, archers are still more fun to play imho than most other classes. Everyone may be upset at first, but you'll accept it and move on.I don't see anyone of significance quitting because of it. No, that won't happen until the next series of Yul nerfs drop. (Evil laughter.)
  12. I feel your pain. After I do daily quests/instances, I go play the market. Not much else to do.
  13. When was the last time NCSoft imposed a nerf and then promptly removed it and reset to previous settings? Anyone remember? Anyone at all???
  14. Why would I try to buy something that I already have on three different characters? But to answer your question, if memory serves someone was selling a low grade one in the AH a few weeks ago. It wouldn't surprise me if there are others who have them sitting in their WH. You'll find out for sure if they nerf the skill, because then everyone will bring them out and try to sell them for 30 - 50 billion adena more than they actually cost.
  15. I just hunted for 3 hours on my alt. archer. No DW or +50 bow or anything, but the rest of my equipment is pretty stacked, all main skills are enchanted to +20, and pretty high on Forgotten Skills learned, too. I barely notice the difference. I imagine if I had even a +16 Limited Bow, let alone a DW, I wouldn't even know there was a nerf at all.
  16. Was thinking the same thing. Like maybe the attack speed cap is removed, or skill reuse time is 0 letting sniper player rapidly fire multiple attacks in short duration.
  17. What is the point of nerfing the skill when there is an agathion in game that lets you jump forward? Sure, it has a reuse time and whatever, but my point is if people demand an effective nerf, make sure there isn't already a work-around in game.
  18. From the video it looks like the sniper has at least one AOE. In concept it's really no different than a Kamael Yul with crossbow, when you think about it. And considering L2 has everything from vampires to wolfmen to dinosaurs, why not bring in long guns?
  19. Too bad we don't get those classes. I'd definitely roll a sniper.
  20. Mystikal

    Dual Sub

    What NCSoft should have done was leave Talking Island the same for those people who have Dual Class status, but are only 85-104, but use the Aden NPC to only assist dual class changes for people who are 105+ without rolling the levels back to 85. NCSoft got lazy, so your only choice is to go back to 85 or wait until the next Red Libra event some time in 2021.
  21. I only opened 10. All were level 1 gems. Now powder.
  22. True, but that is PVP. Don't know this for a fact, but I would wager most people who play this game don't PVP. That's a losing proposition every time.
  23. Technically, this isn't a "small nerf" to most Yuls. It's a "small nerf" to TOP Yuls. Everyone with average to mid-high gear is ***. If there are more nerfs in the pipeline, this could be the beginning of a Class Killer. That said, we'll have to wait and see if new items are introduced in the game that offset some of the nerfs. Take the current event for example. Level 5 Red Cats are dropping far more often that at any time in the past. Less crits suck, but if you are able to deal more damage per crit, it might ease some of the pain. Not arguing NCSoft's side, because I know they d
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