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'Who's Your Favorite Raid Boss?' Forum Giveaway


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  • L2 Team

Hi All,

I hope you're doing well and I'm back with a forum giveaway. Enter now for your chance to win a code that contains:

  • (2) Rare Accessory Pack (7-day)
  • (20) Party Vitality Cake

To enter, share with us your favorite Lineage II raid boss!

5 winners will be selected at random from the entries. If you were a winner in our last forum giveaway, you will not be eligible to win this one, but we encourage you to participate anyways! You will be eligible again in the next giveaway and we just want to ensure others have a chance to win these prizes.

The giveaway ends on Thursday, September 16 at 3 p.m. Winners will be selected and announced on Friday, September 17.


Thank you!

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pffft amateurs...

Cat Gang, outside of Giran.
Killing this boss was not easy, fast minion respawn and people did not have that much gear back then....

or I got a better one.
Frinteza when it was first added to the game, that boss was a nightmare to kill.

yeah ill stick with Frint! Best boss!


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