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Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!


Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!  

382 members have voted

  1. 1. Where do you like spending most of your time?

    • Special Hunting Zones
    • World Hunting Zones
    • Field Hunting Zones
    • Olympiad
    • Castle Siege
    • Boss Raids
    • Events
    • Missions and Quests
    • Dungeons
  2. 2. What is your best wish for Lineage II in 2023

    • Shorter Content Update Cycles
    • More/Improved Events
    • More/Improved Promotions
    • Balance Improvements
    • Server and Performance Improvements
  3. 3. PvP or PvE?

    • Player vs. Player (PvP)
    • Player vs. Environment (PvE)

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  • L2 Team

No matter which version of Lineage II you play, we want to learn more about the things you most enjoy doing and what your hopes are for the future! Please take a moment to participate in our Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!

Please feel free to provide any additional feedback, or elaborate on your choices by replying to this thread.

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@Wisspwhat we would really love is to have feedback from players taken in consideration by NCSoft. We did had this types of posts before, usually after some sort of big mess up by ncsoft, the result was always a big fat nothing.

You have plenty of feedback in this forum, if you having trouble filtering it go to the Discord and ask the veteran players for some pointers, than again it would require NCSoft to actually care about it and that never actually happened in the recent history so good luck with that.

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2 hours ago, Wissp said:

No matter which version of Lineage II you play, we want to learn more about the things you most enjoy doing and what your hopes are for the future! Please take a moment to participate in our Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!

Please feel free to provide any additional feedback, or elaborate on your choices by replying to this thread.

Hello, This is Andouille, player since 2006,  its now 17 years i have been playing this game and probably knows more than 90% of the mechanics of the game, and knows from all the contacts that i have made, the change that this game needs to be great again,  let me elaborate. (Speaking about the live version, but same can apply to classic and Aden)

First of all: This game has a huge potential players Worldwide,  As most knows, 90% or more of the L2 players are playing illegal servers,   the reasons?  These servers are way more competitive, for one reasons, the Difference in items/gears between players are Close to simmilar, which makes the gameplay more fun and enjoyable. 

As exemple: i myself have a character in this game that almost have every item in EndGame,  those items costs alot of money,  and unfortunately not many people are able to have such gear due to financial reasons, that is first.     Second of all,  the promotions plays a huge part on gearing up (PayToWin Model), items are mostly only acquirable from Sales,  as a company, for sure you must make money.  But you must see the big picture. Right now we have a few people,  1% of L2 population who are very wealthy , who can afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollar.  they will be able to gear up and Dominate the Server.   Due to the simple reasons the other people cant, or not enough.

After that,  the Sales promo are not rewarding enough, you are only able in the major part to "open" boxes, and hope for a top reward, but its gambling, and most of the time people are afraid to spend by exemple 500$ and have nothing in return.  this is a bad model, it causes alot of frustration, people are leaving the game due to the frustrations it brings, even the rich people don't like to feel scammed and quit.  Trust me i play for 17 years i don't talk nonsense. 

As exemple,   The Dragon slayers event was not just "opening" boxes, you could enchant and statistically could calculate the cost to make the items, so people were awara of what they could make and at what cost on a average,  look the sales of 2022 Slayers event, its mindblowing the money NCSOFT made on that specific event,  

it is why i have made a post the day of the event to warn NCWEST staff about the major drama that will occur because of the nerf. i didn't lie,  200+ replies,  11k+ views,  NCWEST didn't answered for a whole week.  Due to that, i now know like 10 to 20 people who were regular spenders, who decided to quit the game.  It's already too late,  the servers are already not very populated, atleast not like in the past.  This cause boredom ingame, no pvp, no competition, no fun, no fairplay, and a huge gap between little spenders and big spenders, 

NCWEST should listen to the needs of players in term of sales,  people need specific items, gear, mats to evolve and upgrade their gear to play on all the updated Area ingame, like Dethrone and TOI etc. 

The limited timed hunting zone got a huge nerf also, imagine people were farming , were happy to be able to make a few bilions, gear up over time,   the free to play had hope to progress ingame also,  it all has got nerfed too.   Frustration kicks in, and people quit again. 

Now we have light/normal servers mainly because of that. If the game was rewarding enough in term of Farming, and rewarding enough in term of sales, the server could be Heavy permanently, competitiive, and everyone could have fun, in pve, or in pvp.  It's very logical.   YOu must do something to the players feel good after spending money, and not frustrated. 

I could go on on many other aspects. as i said i have the knowledge and talked to alot of people, if NCWEST needs a new Community manager or Sales manager, i truly know i could make this company make 10x more the money they make now.  And i am very humble saying that.  

@Wissp @Hermes  Hope you guys will read and take a few actions.   We love this game, all we want is to keep enjoying it, bring our friends and make the game amazing again.  Have a good evening 

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@Wissp& @Hermes, So did you totally forget about the polls that went out to emails about a year back?  I can tell that you have because there were ZERO improvements even based off those polls.

ONCE AGAIN, No one trust you.  So why create a poll that you will do nothing with?  NCSoft Korea has already put together their list of items they will update for Lineage 2 this year.  Which we will get hand me down of, so why create a poll that YOU can do NOTHING about?  We also know the DEVs will shoot down just about anything that helps the player base or water it down in such a way no one can progress.

The only thing you can do is LOWER the cost of Promos and increase rewards.  Lets face it, you will do nothing of the sort. 

There will be zero drops added to help players improve against the Environment.  You cant seem to understand to lower cost of Promos and increase rewards.  There are ZERO quest to help people gain hard to find items.  


I mean this was NCWest great idea of a Promo: https://www.lineage2.com/en-us/news/ranking-festival-returns, the winner paid close to 12grand for the top reward and you want to create a poll to find out we don't like stuff like this?  Funny part was this was the second type of event like this during 2022.


So, answer this, What is that NCWest can actually do to fix the issues we have?  

Here are some of the issues:  - Server Population

                                                            - Massive reduction in populations at Castle Sieges/How do you plan to make a castle have value?

                                                            - LARGE gear disparities 

                                                            - Lack of ways to make gear improvements (WIHTOUT ADDING SOMETHING NEW AKA HERO TOME)

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We have seen this poll a million times.

You want to make up for your screw ups?

Make an event with ONLY those items and NO POTIONS, and put the price tag of 2€ for one of the following rewards for each boxes. If you spend at least 1000$/€, you get at least an Advanced Dragon Weapon box, 1500$/€ a Stage 3 God Jewels, 2000$/€ a guaranteed Stage 3 Ticket!

Here the list:
- Gem Energy  (25% = 1 in 4 boxes) 

- Shiny Gem Energy (25% = 1 in 4 boxes)

- Greater or Top-grade Jewels (50% = 1 in 2 boxes)

- Dragon Claw (x2) each opening (10% = 1 in 10 boxes)

- Epic Talisman (30% = 1 in 3 boxes)

- Dragon Weapon Box (Standard) (25% = 1 in 4 boxes)

- +10 Limited Leviathan Armor Set Pack (10% = 1 in 10 boxes)

- Shilen's Soul Crystal - Lv. 10 (5% = 1 in 20 boxes)

- God’s Accessory Lv. 3 Box (1% = 1 in 100 boxes)

- Dragon Weapon Box (Advanced) (0.5% = 1 in 200 boxes) 

- Top-grade Dragon Weapon Exchange Ticket (0.1% = 1 in 1000 boxes)

And make all items account bind, and not tradeable, so no one abuses it and cannot sell through RMT! You pay for it, you cannot resell!
Wise purchase and wise choices!


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Wow, are you guys pretending this is a new issue and you need a poll? Its literally a slap in the face. 

Everything in the game should be farmable and not completely dependent on paid events for example star signs, kain enchants, artifact fragments, etc. 

Paid event items should never have expiration dates. 

NOTHING drops from regular hunting zone mobs thats valuable loot for instance silenite, god bottles, gem energy , artifact crystals  that would help progress your toon. For example if you are farming from 107-113 in Neutral Zone and get aden boxes that gives mostly zodiac fragment, r99 r110 parts. These small items will totally not improve your gear ( no value to sell them to buy gear either)  to provide more damage when you reach 114 then you would have not enough gear to go to the next zone unless you went to gamble on paid promotional boxes and hope you get lucky. From this point on you cant even go to the next zone (ketra, varka) unless you are pretty geared.  You can forget about dethroned as well as the mobs are even stronger there than before Death Knights that was introduced. 

Paid event boxes have gotten so bad you can spend hundreds and get nothing of big value to progress your character.   Spending $100 to get mostly buff pots and a couple of black tickets, gold tickets is like burning money in a fire pit. 

There are no raid bosses for the lower level toons to go out to enjoy doing something together that can be taken down by 105 / 110/ 115 exalted toons to get loot to upgraded from exalted. For example a boss that 14 people in exalted gear can take down and get some items to upgrade. This will also have new people have some fun and making new friends.  Normally new poepl who come to this game quit by 106 because they dont have any damage to go to beleth.  Current raids also  lack drops that are needed to improve (how about dropping good gems and charms?)

Cost of items just to upgrade and beyond reach as well such as making r110 unsealed for Enchanted, just the cost of R gems and elcyum is more than than what you can earn just by farming 24/7 for 1 year. 

Elcyum... well you took out fishing events and no way to earn a fancy fishing rod any more  how can we generate enough elcyum ? It has taken me 1 year of fishing with 3 toons, just to have enough elcyum to make one weapon limited.  You take things away when other region have the eistand store to cover what missing, but when you took it out here we have no eistand store to cover whats missing. You can forget about the 500 elcyum you need to upgrade a dragon weapon,there are not enough people fishing to cover that many elycum! We need fishing events and better poles that dont cost 50 billion!

People are fed up, very upset and quitting and still you say you value or feedback when no changes come for nearly a year but to continue to milk your customers and gain nothing from spending. This is a game that we are supposed to have fun... now its only a casino of virtual goods.  This leaves a very very bad taste and many will no longer trust any NCSoft games like the upcoming Throne and Liberty because whoever is doing the marketing think we are cows.. hey listen up NCSoft, the cows are running away for better pastures and willing to give their milk to other companies that value the paying customers and not ignore them.   

All you have to do to make this game better is to have access to all items because like now you cannot even get star signs.. yeah buy event boxes.. to get 1 for $100?  yeah no people are not happy. You should give a special box of great value that has guaranteed good prize for example , buyer spend $50 for 100 box and 1 special box. the special box should have a greater agathon charm or a greater jewel. just this alone will help justify spending . 

I expect my post to be banned for speaking the truth. 

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@Wissp @Hermes This poll seems like a drooping attempt at damage control. Please just stop the smoke and mirrors and be present and effective; that’s all we want. We all know that NCWest can only really impact the types of events we have, the prices, and the odds. If you did this in a balanced way (i.e., stop being so greedy), you would have more and happier customers. We know the content comes from Korea.

So please just improve what you can; after all, prices and odds are the most important issues. There is no need for a poll.

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No need to do any poll (last poll result was to increase price :p) or post any  rant (ton's of suggestion already given)

Just don't buy anymore NCOIN till got improvement , easiest and actually the ONLY solution 

When the Buying STOPS!  i bet my bottom dollar things will changed, and change fast 😁

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Reset the server to 2012.. And leave us alone, you get to ignore us, we get our game back, PROBLEM SOLVED! 

You CAN'T fix this server, you've broken it beyond repair and Korea won't fix your mistakes because you don't make enough money (Because you've turned this into a hot dumpster fire) to justify them spending time on the server. 

Reset the game, remove all the garbage you've added in over the last 10 years, and concentrate on your "promotions" for  the other servers.

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13 hours ago, Wissp said:

No matter which version of Lineage II you play, we want to learn more about the things you most enjoy doing and what your hopes are for the future! Please take a moment to participate in our Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!

Please feel free to provide any additional feedback, or elaborate on your choices by replying to this thread.

The game become so boring that even posting here feels like a waste of time, it feel like quitting the game is a good option,

Regarding sales, how does NCSOFT justify the price of the item they sell,  they are selling apple 🍎  for 500$ per unit, because the prices that NCSOFT puts on item does reflect the quality of the product delivered-Regarding the fact the items can be obtained only from  real money, you can not obtain them from playing the game this means that NC controls all the prices,  How NCSOFT justify the price on promo?  Because the game content is  low lvl budget game , with low budget entertainment, basically not much to do in the game just farm, and only for this activity  asks so much money, they have  no staff  to get paid, no dev teem to get paid, the game only has gambling box and pve.

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We the old school players have given you ideas, easy fixes, and ways to bring people back and or keep what you  have.

What have you done ZERO.  I could go into examples and give my feelings on how to fix things but after telling you guys 100's of times I have given up,  It is hard to log in to this game sometimes and you have a problem with your launcher that causes DCs and crashes and everyone in the community knows what the problem is with -1 error ad 3205 errors but again you ignore and your support team keeps trying to players its their fault which we all know the truth.

Sad .... you and hermes started off good but sometime around Sept you guys quit us and it been severely down hill since.

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Aw how cute. Another feedback thread like the dozens that have been started by Management and were archived with no action.

If you want a one sentece summary, here it is:

Quit looking at your playerbase just as bundles of cash. 

If you want more feedback, take more action. Logging in to forum for 5 minutes every Wednesday does not mean you are interacting with your customer base.

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13 hours ago, Wissp said:

No matter which version of Lineage II you play, we want to learn more about the things you most enjoy doing and what your hopes are for the future! Please take a moment to participate in our Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!

Please feel free to provide any additional feedback, or elaborate on your choices by replying to this thread.

I enjoy progressing in game by actually playing the game, i.e. through quests, instances, fishing etc. My hope for the future is more ingame content and no store-exclusive items.

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1. When are we getting factions back? Been about 4-5 years since they got removed.

2. Promotion boxes have been (explicit word here) terrible for months now. I for one don’t like spending a 100$ for consumables.

3. For the first time in 5 years, I don’t even care to login to l2 anymore. And it’s about the only release I have from real life.

4. Do y’all release there is almost Nothing to do for about 93% of the server? Raid bosses, dragons, epics, castle sieges etc. 

5. what ever y’all decide to do, just communicate with us… 13 pages on andos post about slayer event and no response for how many days? 

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